Radical RXC debuts at Frankfurt

9 Sep, 2013 4:57pm Owen Mildenhall

The Radical RXC makes its European debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Radical RXC was proudly displayed amongst the might of the German car industry, the latest model from Peterborough based Radical Sportscars (the world’s biggest racecar manufacturer) – is the firm’s first closed-cockpit car.

While we’ve seen the RXC before, Frankfurt sees the first showing of the full road-specification RXC. With a £94,500 price tag, the 3.7-litre 380bhp Ford V6 powered coupe is designed to offer a Le Mans Prototype experience on the road and there’s no doubting its head turning potential.

The cockpit is accessed via gullwing doors, while the composite and carbon multi-piece body work is laid over a steel spaceframe. While very few components are carried over from Radical’s SR3 and SR8 racecars, the RXC uses all of Radical’s race car experience to deliver one of the most extreme and uncompromising roadcars money can buy.

Weighing just 900kg, the 3.7-litre Ford V6 engine will power it to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 175mph. While, it's not road legal there’s even the option to order one with Radical’s own race-proven 3.0-litre 480bhp V8 engine. Standard equipment includes power steering, a heated windscreen, an adjustable pedal box and 17-inch centre-lock wheels.

The company confirmed at Frankfurt that the extensive track and road testing of the 3.0-litre V6 continues and that European Type Approval has been granted. Encouragingly three track-only versions have already been delivered to customers and in spite of nobody outside of the company having driven the RXC yet; they already have 18 confirmed orders.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we get to sample the RXC ourselves.