Renault’s R-Space - official pictures and video

1 Mar, 2011 10:30am Luke Madden

Stunning people carrier concept makes official debut featuring downsized engine and plenty of style.

We brought you spy shots last week – and now we can show you the first official pictures of Renault’s sensational R-Space. 

The car points to the look of the next Scenic, and is the work of new design chief Laurens van der Acker. It’s the third of six concepts promised from the Dutchman, and follows the DeZir sports car and Captur junior SUV. 

The team behind the R-Space was tasked with adding sporty appeal to a market sector in which practicality usually takes priority. 

Inside, instead of rear seats, 27 powered cubes can be raised or lowered to form everything from a huge flat luggage bay to booster seats or a conventional rear bench. 

Under the bonnet is a 900cc turbocharged Energy TCe petrol powerplant. This previews the firm’s future engine line-up, and promises 109bhp and 160Nm of torque. It’s mated to a dual-clutch manual gearbox, and claims 95g/km CO2 emissions and 76.5mpg.

The car also has a system which monitors traffic lights and anything else that has an effect on speed. It then advises on the most fuel-friendly way of driving. Don’t miss next week’s issue for a special report on how we helped build the R-Space for Geneva!

Disqus - noscript this yet another stunning Scenic concept that will bear very little relation to the production version, which is set to be the dullest people carrier on the block if Renault's current form continues. Each generation of the Scenic has been less interesting in the looks department than the model it has replaced.

Oh I don't know, my Grand Scenic in pearl black actually looks quite sinister with it's darkened windows. I really hated the 'shaking that ass' styling, it was so dysfunctional.

Nah, I'll stick to the one I have, at least, unlike previous incarnations, I can be confident it'll still be in one piece and working when I get up in the morning :)

p.s. After owning a Zafira, I now know what it feels like to have the front wheels connected to the steering apparatus ;)

Nice one Renault, rear "suicide doors" only make sense when the body is of pillarless design instead of still having a B-pillar as can be found on the Opel Meriva.

So after an absence of several decades the pillarless four door car may make a comeback after all.
That is if car manufacturers can keep the price down as the rear door hinges must be strong and not take up too much space.
And the passenger compartment needs extra reenforcements to provide enough stiffness like thick doorsills for protection in side impacts..

This could be a rather expensive and difficult engineering nut to crack on production versions though.

In the 30's and 40's FIAT used the pillarless bodywork on their Ballila and 1500 models and Lancia used them from the Augusta onwards till their 1959 Appia saloon.

Mazda is another example of giving rear passengers good access to the rear seats of their four door RX8 coupe thanks to the absence of a B-pillar.
A pity that production of this wonderfull car will cease in the near future or has it already?

Anyway , keep up the good work Renault .

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