Alpine and Caterham joint venture breaks up

10 Jun, 2014 10:29am Jordan Bishop

Renault buys out Caterham’s 50 percent stake in Alpine sports car brand, bringing an end to joint venture

Renault has increased its stake in the joint sports car venture with Caterham to 100 per cent, following a “mutual agreement” between the two brands to call time on their 19-month partnership

The result of the partnership breaking down is that there won’t be a Caterham-developed version of the mid-engined Alpine sports car, due in 2016, although Caterham is understood to now be working on its own sports car project.

Even though the 50/50 joint venture has officially broken up, Auto Express has learned there is a possibility of future collaboration between Caterham Group and Renault. This is likely to include the use of shared parts, but could also extend to co-operative work carried out at the Renaultsport factory in Dieppe, which served as the partnership’s base prior to the takeover.

Renault – having reassumed full control of Societe des Automobiles Alpine Caterham – will push on with development of its own production-version Alpine sports car, shown here in our artist's illustration. According to the French manufacturer, the ownership restructure will have no impact on the scheduled 2016 release date, with production going ahead as planned.

The acquisition will also see Renault rebrand the Alpine subsidiary, reinstating the Societe des Automobiles Alpine name used prior to the 50:50 ownership agreement struck with Caterham back in November 2012.