Renault hints at RS01 prototype racecar

Renault R.S.01 teaser rear
30 Jul, 2014 3:30pm Oliver Kew

Replacement for Megane Trophy racer looks like a bona fide Renault supercar in its first teaser picture

Renault has confirmed its new racing prototype is to be called the R.S.01. The French manufacturer has accompanied the announcement with a new teaser picture of the R.S.01, revealing a few more details about the car’s look after a silhouette teaser was shown in June 2014.

Slim LED rear lights, a huge fixed rear wing and the makings of a large rear diffuser are all evident in this picture of the R.S.01, which replaces the outgoing Megane Trophy racer as the halo competitor in the World Series by Renault championship.

Renault has confirmed to Auto Express that, despite visual similarities, the R.S.0.1 is not related to the Alpine A110-50 concept car from 2012, which used a mid-mounted racing 3.5-litre V6 engine and the running gear from the now-defunct Megane Trophy racing car. The R.S.01. is instead thought to be a bespoke creation, although it too relies on a carbonfibre construction. Motive power could come from Renault’s parter brand Nissan, and more specifically the performance skunkworks of Nismo, who prepare Nissan’s GT-R racers.

The R.S.01. racing prototype will be revealed in its entirety on 27 August 2014 at the Moscow Motor Show. In the meantime, Renault is promising that its new speed machine will be ‘spectacular’. Stay tuned later this summer to see if the results match Renault’s ambition.