Sat-nav vs taxi

26 Feb, 2013 10:07am

Who is the best navigator: Mat Watson with a sat-nav or a London taxi driver? Watch the video to find out

These days, everything from superminis to luxury limousines comes with the option of satellite navigation, but how good are they at getting us to our destination on time?

To put it to the test, our man Mat Watson decided to have a little race. The idea was to see if a range-topping sat-nav system could beat a local taxi driver to an unknown destination.

Mat chose our long-term all-electric Renault Twizy to accompany his brand-new TomTom system, while Lloyd would be using nothing but the knowledge from behind the wheel of his black cab.

The Twizy has a top speed of 50mph – plenty for the congested city streets – and a range of around 40 miles. But how will it fare with only a TomTom for direction? Watch the video to find out.