Electric Rolls-Royce under consideration

Electric Rolls Royce Phantom 102EX front
14 May, 2014 11:36am Jonathan Burn

Rolls-Royce reveals to Auto Express an all-electric model is "something very true to the brand," while plug-in hybrids are imminent

Rolls-Royce has hinted that an all electric model could be added to the product range in the near future. Previously, the German owned manufacturer has experiment with all-electric Phantom dubbed the 102EX but Rolls Royce now looks likely to fully adopt the technology.

Richard Collar, Head of Bespoke Sales and Marketing for Rolls-Royce, told Auto Express at the unveiling of the Phantom Drophead Waterspeed that, “We look at all the trends, the trend for hybrid and electric vehicles but the question we have to ask is, is this something our customers want?”

The 102EX electric Phantom revealed back in 2011 was well received by customers, Collar explained: “We took their feedback very seriously and all our customers loved it. The electric powertrain is something very true to Rolls Royce, it’s effortless, there’s huge amounts of torque and it is perfectly quiet.”

One concern surrounding electric power, Collar continued, is the limited range, as Rolls-Royce customers “don’t accept compromise.” Yet, manufacturers such as Tesla have proven range anxiety is becoming less of an issue as battery technology improves.

The possible entry into the electric market also follows the news that Rolls-Royce believes a plug-in hybrid “will be essential within two years,” revealed by CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos.