Skoda shifts its focus to design

Skoda VisionC concept side
16 Sep, 2014 11:36am Jonathan Burn

Future Skoda models will be more stylish and design-focused than ever before by relying on traditional techniques

Following on from the sleek Skoda Vision C Concept, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Auto Express has learned all future Skodas will be more design orientated, while maintaining class-leading practicality.

Speaking about the Vision C Concept, Skoda senior exterior designer Marko Jevtic told us: “The design of this car was done many years ago, but it does produce some key elements for cars that are in the pipeline and on their way to production.”

With the brand currently focused on delivering value for money and class-leading interior space, Jevtic hinted that future Skodas will have another string to their bow: “I will put it very bluntly, we will put even more attention to the design than we used to. The practicality before was maybe a bit too present.

“Fresh, clean, but more sculpted. We won’t lose our traditional values. The only thing that will happen is that we will make the cars more attractive for customers.”

What will help Jevtic and his team achieve this are more traditional methods of design. “We use both digital and sketch,” he added. “Working on the computer alone, I do not believe in that process. Computers can mislead you, but to have things firmly under control I believe you have to have a physical model.”