Skoda Fabia spied almost undisguised

29 May, 2014 11:10am Oliver Kew

Evolutionary look for new Skoda supermini exposed as the camouflage begins to come off

Here’s our best look yet of the new Skoda Fabia, which is set to headline Skoda’s stand at the Paris Motor Show in October. From these new shots it’s clear the Fabia has ditched the round-edged styling of its predecessor for a more angular look garnished with sharp geometric styling lines. It’s less radical than Skoda’s design team initially hinted, with the clean surfacing of the Vision D concept from 2011 carrying through to production.

Straight-edged headlights bookend a wider, slimmer grille that’s clearly related to the ‘family face’ of the Skoda Rapid and Octavia. These themes are evident on the car’s bootlid too, with the triangular styling lines either side of the numberplate. Disguise masks the taillights, which are expected to follow the squared-off, LED-led design of the larger Octavia.

The familiar looks disguise a growth spurt: the new Fabia is wider than the rather slab-sided current car, but lower too, aiding handling as well as the looks. Skoda hints the new car will be lighter too, but it’s not thanks to a clever new platform under the clean-cut skin – the new Fabia recycles the ‘PQ’ architecture of the current VW Polo and Audi A1 rather than using a shrunken version of the newer MQB platform.

Turbocharged 1.2 and 1.4 TSI engines should form the backbone of the range, along with a 1.6 TDI diesel and a fuel-sipping ‘Greenline’ offshoot. Skoda could also benefit from the new 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine VW introduced into the Polo line-up in its recent facelift.

Sadly for hot hatch fans, this angular new Fabia won’t spawn a go-faster vRS variant. The current car’s switch to petrol power from its diesel roots and stubborn refusal to offer a manual gearbox has pooled lacklustre sales, so it’s expected Skoda will concentrate on offering more accessory packs with coloured trim and natty wheels for the new Fabia, rather than an out-and-out performance variant.

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Hmmmm..... reminds me of the Fiat Stilo - not sure if aping a car nobody wanted to buy twelve years ago is the way to go, Skoda....

Tape disguise still in place, but it still looks a little... ordinary. Hoping that something sparkles under that tape.

Looks typically Skoda bland to me.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you please, I present for your delectation, the Austin Maestro!

Suicidal people will love it...

Well, this featureless design will fit perfectly alongside the bland Rapid and dull Octavia in a Skoda showroom near you soon!


The same as!!

An Austin Maestro

oh look, you and marre.u, all we need is paul hitch and the three little trolls are all together! go back to your failing fords and cruddy citroens.

Looks like the anti VAG fascists are here in strength,

Good thing to look, bland.

It means they the thieving scumbags are less likely to want to steal it.

If any of the anti-Skoda trolls would care to take note of the disguise which is pretty much still on it, not one of the panels or lights will look anything like what is pictured. Surprised at how many trolls there are picking on Skoda at the moment considering they are selling faster than ever and last month outsold Citroen in the UK, and so far this year, have a 4% share of the western european market and the octavia is in the top 10 best sellers list for Western Europe. Jealousy maybe, that the VW group products continue to dominate in tests, jealousy that 6 VW group products feature in the top 10 of the latest JD Power Survey? Gotta love the trolls though, I feel sorry for the likes of Miguel, marre.u and Paul Hitch, all with negative comments on cars they simply dislike because of the badge. Probably UKIP voters.

Yes, Mr fordfanboi Miguel and his Marre.u alterego. Only Mr.Hitch to come with his fancy words and 'stereotypical pensioner' remarks. Must remind him, how many Citroens were there in the bottom 10 of this years JD Power........

the rear lights are heavily disguised......many manufacturers do that. They do not look anything like that in the flesh so to speak, as dealers already have seen the car undisguised, and this is still heavily disguised.

It seems the stormtroopers must indeed be worried to get their personal insults in first! Had not intended to comment on this at all as the pictures say everything but one can only hope this is a considerably disguised machine and the final one will be more imaginative. Hope springs eternal etc. etc. A look at the Autocar thread on this vehicle is illuminating.

What a silly comment. UKIP stands for everything I despise as does bringing politics into a discussion about motor vehicles.

I read the Autocar thread - and the idiots commenting. The cars IS heavily disguised on every panel, yet still the idiots think 'ohhh, this is really close to what it looks like'. It doesn't. Considering the current Fabia has been stereotyped by a minority of UK car commenters, it's Skodas 2nd best selling model and still does well in all countries it's sold in despite being 7 years old now. I would suggest the negativities are left until the car has been launched later this year, and driven personally.

On this one occasion I would concur with you.

And probably meeting you would push them right over the edge... Of Beechy Head!

Strange logic.

What a truly tedious looking vehicle this is - to be honest I really wonder how Skoda get away with this sort of mediocre design in 2014, when so many other mainstream cars look bold and exciting. You'd think it was 1990 we were living in - in fact if you look at a Skoda Felicia from this era you can see that Skoda design has never really changed.

I think that is one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read on Auto Express. Sounds like the men in white coats need to take you away.

i see you're a new troll - 4 posts, only on Skodas. Tut Miguel, MUST TRY HARDER!

It's heavily disguised. the lights are heavily disguised, as are the rear quarters etc . Every panel is disguised. Don't return until the car has been unveiled and driven. Too many people cannot comprehend that disguised and reality are 2 different things.

Pathetic... Skoda really fits your lifestyle...

Troll, troll, troll.

You're so predictable & boring.

Looked in the mirror lately, do did it crack as soon as you did?

BMWhas been doing it for years. It's called evolution. That's why Skoda, Audi, VW et al all look fresh a decade down the line. Designed to be elegant and timeless, not overly-styled like Focuses or Kias or GM and Fiat rubbish with no substance that look old after 5 years.

it will be crap even unveiled

Oh, we have a psychic! tell me, what will the trim levels be, seat trim patterns, wheels on offer and the prices please? And will there be a Monte Carlo version.? I take it you have seen all these options, as you seem to think you know what it will look like unveiled?

I don't think this car is very disguised at all. Sure it has plenty of bits of tape stuck on, but most of it is rather thin and you can pretty much see what is beneath. We know anyway from the latest Octavia, Rapid and Rapid Spaceback what its going to look like, and I have to say it is rather a bland look. The proportions are better than the current model, but I still think the original Fabia looked better than either this or the present one.

This is one of the most boring looking cars, I have seen in ages. I love the way the desperate Skudfan/richard is posting so many different messages trying to convince everyone else this car will look so amazingly different when it is undisguised. The reality is this car is lightly disguised - the images of how this car will look have been all over the press. It's basically a supermini version of the equally boring Rapid - End of.

It's a real VAG fest on here. Makes me laugh how people think VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat are "premium" brands.

LOL daft comparison! BMW's styling has been constroversial in recent years with models like the X1, X3, as well as cars styled during the 'Bangle era' and the questionable but bold looks of the new Grand turismo models. Completely different to the very safe, staid looks of Skoda. As for Ford and Kia styling - way smarter in my opinion than anything from Skoda. Skoda would do well to take a leaf out of their book - and lets not forget that Kia's head of design is an an ex-Audi guy!!!

Like your Mrs then.

It's probably a very good car. Dead boring looking though. Am I a troll now?

No. Just not a fanatic.

Nice name! I don't think the Fabia can be accused of being over-styled.

Nice beige corduroy trousers you have there, by the way. Tidy.

Good advertising and image are powerful, it seems.

I've got more sense than to marry, I'm 45, single and glad I don't have to answer to a woman or partner.

Probably the first time you have put anything reasonably sensible on AE for ages.

Well at least FWD is better than RWD in winter, as numerous videos have shown.

BMW's can't deal too well with snow & ice can they?


Being sensible is your thing. Not mine.

Did you have Waffle for breakfast?

I am in my early thirties, hardly beige corduroy trousers wearer. More Superdry, Converse and skinny jeans. I've a Mk1 Fabia vRS, great car, 8 years old, been 100% reliable, not one fault, and still looks and drives better than other 8 year old makes. I just hope Skoda will make a fast diesel vRS out oif this Fabia.Looking through your posting history, 905+ of your posts are on Skoda or VW reports and you just troll on them. Get a life.

Oh dear...

90% sorry, not 905+

Is that really a new model of small car in I am seeing above? This is 2014 right?

LOL powerful for suckers who dont know any better.

BMW's (and other RWD cars) can actually manage well on winter rubber.

Errr, Have you read the headline above. It reads: "Skoda Fabia Spied Almost Undisguised"

Temper temper.

No need to apologise.

The winter time is the only time you would want to drive anything from the VAG range when it's dark and no one can see you.

People who buy these cars are too busy patting themselves on the back to realise that they have overpaid for something no more reliable than other mainstream brands.

Whilst I would not buy a Skoda Fabia it's what the public want, cars that will get them from A to B without continually breaking down style has nothing to do with it and is proved year on year by the J D Powell survey and Skoda continually coming in the top 10 along with other VAG products so no one can knock Skoda for their sensible approach to motoring.
What people want is a decent car at a reasonable price which is being proved by Dacia with it's ever increasing sales month on month, and the surprising thing is if you go on the Dacia Forums how many people are binging them up and not at an extortionate price for add ons.
People are getting fed up of paying for things on a car that they don't want at extortionate prices that have been over inflated so they can put them on special editions at the realistic price level and tell you it is saving you £1,995 over the price of the car it's based on if you added these extras at point of sale.
One company sells you a combined satnav/radio/Bluetooth/mp3 player for over £800 that is fitted in a Dacia for £250 with only minor differences like not having full post code search, but I'm sure that if it gets you to the street you can find the house number you want.

So... The current VRS, due to not meeting the requirements of their target market has suffered from lacklustre sales compared to the MK1.

Instead of shoehorning the 2.0TDI 150/180bhp with a manual gearbox in, they're not going to bother at all? Makes no sense. Without the 'cool' halo model, it's likely that this will appeal to just the older generation, which realistically does no favours for brand image.

I might even look at a Fabia with a whacking great engine in it but if it's just the rattly 1.6TDI, no thanks.

Oh we've got another troll...

Yawn, another one on the list of fascists.

It's not politics it's about reviewing cars. You like bringing politics into the process, based on other remarks.

The fact is that VAG cars are no better than other mainstream cars yet people who drive them believe them to be. But even worse is the bland styling and boring ride which most VAG cars are famous for, they are the cardigans of the car world...yawn.

Do you believe any AE headlines? Or are you a Sun Reader?