Smart For-Us Concept debuts

9 Jan, 2012 10:35pm Luke Madden

Tiny Smart For-Us Concept is an all-electric pick-up truck and it debuted at the Detroit Motor Show

In America it’s a case of ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to pick-up trucks, so this Smart For-Us concept has raised a few eyebrows at its debuts at the Detroit Motor Show.

At just over 3.5 metres long, it’s just under two metres shorter than America’s best-selling pick-up – the Ford F150. And while that model boasts a two metre-long loading bed, the Smart For-Us has a bed just half that length. 

But the For-Us has a few tricks up its sleeve. That load bed has a built-in docking station for two electric smart e-bikes and there’s a tailgate that opens and retracts electrically. 

Power for the car itself comes from the same all-electric set-up used in the Smart EV. That means it produces 74bhp and 130Nm of torque.

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I think the people at smart have been sniffing the fumes from too many plastic parts. I can carry all the groceries I need in my fortwo already and there's no way I'd carry a bicycle sticking out of a microtruck. No security!

I would like to replace the lame 1 litre Mitsubishi motor with an electric setup. Come on Smart. Offer a trade in program. I'd buy that!

They've thought of everything on this! Look at the second picture, it's even got twin hair-dryers above the seats! Maybe they're directly targeting their hairdresser target market?

Let's face it, by no stretch of the imagination will this ever be described as macho, will it ? - And because it's all electric there will be the usual concerns about range . I think the strange Rinspeed six-wheeler concept is a little more interesting since it tackles range extension by incorporating additional batteries, the ability to install a "top-up" engine and kinetic energy recovery system - plus the rear set of wheels and trailer can be left at home when not required - and that design isn't exactly loaded with testosterone either .

I remember something remarkably similar to this in the '90s. It was called a Suzuki X90.

I guess that name is really "Smart for-US", rather than "Smart For-Us"?

And I don't think that the irony is lost. This concept will be somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Take a concept and stretch it's credibility so far that even Fiona Bruce's famous raised eye-brow would be in risk of disappearing out of sight.

If ever a car was NOT a Beach Buggy in any way shape of form it has to be the smart forTwo, even when stretched to accomodate the roadster chassis.

One thing is for certain the odscurities of the UK registration would see it taxed/licenced as a pick-up so subject to commercial road tax, so hopefully we won't be seeing its shower cap headlamp surrounds in the rear view mirror.

Reading those comments in which Daimler's smart brand is yet again being mowed down, I remember a line in one of Bob Dylan's famous songs,.............don't criticise what you don't understand.

Food for thought I'd think.