Smart For-Us Concept debuts

9 Jan, 2012 10:35pm Luke Madden

Tiny Smart For-Us Concept is an all-electric pick-up truck and it debuted at the Detroit Motor Show

In America it’s a case of ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to pick-up trucks, so this Smart For-Us concept has raised a few eyebrows at its debuts at the Detroit Motor Show.

At just over 3.5 metres long, it’s just under two metres shorter than America’s best-selling pick-up – the Ford F150. And while that model boasts a two metre-long loading bed, the Smart For-Us has a bed just half that length. 

But the For-Us has a few tricks up its sleeve. That load bed has a built-in docking station for two electric smart e-bikes and there’s a tailgate that opens and retracts electrically. 

Power for the car itself comes from the same all-electric set-up used in the Smart EV. That means it produces 74bhp and 130Nm of torque.