SRT Viper gets incredible new paint & Grand Touring package

13 Jan, 2014 10:26am Jonathan Burn

A new Grand Touring pack and Stryker Green exterior colour is now available on the Dodge SRT Viper

SRT - the racy tuning arm of American firm Dodge - has revealed an exclusive Stryker Green finish and new Grand Touring package for its Viper supercar. The additions to the range will be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show.

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The new Stryker Green paintjob is an evolution of the colour that first appeared on the Viper back in 2008, and now has an enhanced colour with yellow pigments, creating - according to SRT - a ‘liquid mercury’ finish. SRT claims the process is so complex it takes around 8 hours to paint a single vehicle.

Alongside the new paintjob, SRT has also launched the Grand Touring package. Nappa leather seats, five-mode electronic stability control and adjustable Blisten suspension – previously only available with the Viper GTS – are all included in the new pack. As the name suggests, the option pack is designed to improve passenger comfort on long journeys, but the Grand Touring option is still limited to models specced with the new Stryker Green and Venom Black exterior colours.

The 8.4-litre V10 under the bonnet remains unchanged. Developing 631bhp and 813Nm of torque, the engine develops more torque than other naturally aspirated unit in the world. The SRT Viper also sheds weight over the standard Dodge model to boost performance.

After making their Detriot show debut, the new exterior colour and Grand Touring pack will be available from February onwards on both the Viper SRT and GTS models. Pricing has yet to be announced.