Subaru scraps aftercare programme

Subaru scraps aftercare package
2 Jan, 2013 7:04pm Claire Holden

Subaru will no longer offer its free aftercare package with new models

Subaru has scrapped its Everything Taken Care of (ETCo) aftercare programme due to a lack of customer demand.

The package came free with new Subarus and included £7,000 of perks, such as a free wash and vacuum every month, free dent and alloy wheel repair, free key replacement and free winter tyre storage.

The company claims that customers were not taking advantage of the offers available in the ETCo programme, so it was replaced with an extended warranty that it thinks will be more appealing to new buyers.

Subaru is now offering a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty on all new cars bought from 1 January 2013, except the WRX STi which is covered by a three-year, 60,000-mile guarantee.

Any customer who bought a new Subaru before December 31 2012 will still be entitled to the benefits offered by the ETCo programme.

A spokesman for Subaru said: “Feedback received from our dealer network and their customers has confirmed that the ETCo package, though designed to be a ground-breaking and industry-leading offer, was less attractive to the majority of prospective buyers than a longer warranty.

“Research also showed that customers were not using the services offered by the ETCo package.” 

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After the recent news that the new generation Impreza is not going to be imported into the UK (when their website showed for months it would be 'coming soon') and now they suddenly scrap their ETCo. I think Subaru's UK importers I.M. Group are completely clueless and maybe doing harm to this great car brand.

Another nail in the coffin of a once great car brand! A huge shame. As a past owner it seems that Subaru UK are struggling with sales due to prior incompetence. It will be interesting to see how many BRZs sell against the Toyota equivalent. It seems the motoring press has forgotten it already!

By the looks of it Subaru is probably getting ready to throw in the towel after years of falling sales.

The Japanese marque's comprehensive three-year aftercare package offered the motorists free benefits worth £7k, including minor dent and scratch repairs, key replacement, service collection and delivery.
Subaru made great motors particularly 4WDs but its failure to keep abreast of the new trends is costing it dearly in terms of falling sales.

Just like Saab, a decent and much loved, if rather slightly different than the norm marque, being ruined by managerial incompetence.

Just what I was going to say. Subaru, like Mitsubishi and Suzuki, is on death row. The Japanese have been complacent and rested on their laurels in recent years, with inevitable results.

Am I the only one who thinks that having the longer warranty is a better selling point? I don't want some ape cleaning my car with dirty water etc scratching up the paint work (as happens every time my Seat has been into the garage) I tell them now not to bother. Their halo model in the UK at the moment is obviously the BRZ and they are now matching Toyota's offerings on warranty etc. Good on them, bet they will sell more of them now.

Not many. Subaru can't even get enough BRZs over from Japan - Toyota have got them all.

Thats a fair point, and I agree, I wouldn't really want someone washing my car with a gritty sponge either. And yes to offer a five year warranty is great. Having owned a Subaru previously, I would say you wont be using it.
My point is though, Subaru UK seemed to be changing their minds with sudden decisions which doesn't look great from a customer point of view and what if you are a customer who purchased a car with this package - I wonder if they will still benefit...

Think what you are forgetting though is that although Subaru sales are falling in the UK - they are much more healthy in other world markets where they actually do well for a small car maker - North America and Australasia are examples. Ditto for the other two car makers you refer to especially Suzuki who sell well in their domestic market and dominate important emerging markets namely India. Suzuki were even selling more cars in Europe than Honda in 2011! The fact is you cannot measure a brands health based on sales in the UK alone.

Subaru overall global sales have declined steadily in recent years and Suzuki are to withdraw from North America within the next 12 months due to poor sales. It is rumoured that Mitsubishi is considering withdrawal from the European market for the same reason (they have just closed their European plant) - this almost happened about 10 years ago but they managed to hang on. There may be some markets where brands such as these are doing better, but as far as Europe and North America are concerned they are no longer able to compete successfully with VW, Ford, Hyundai, etc.

IM Group should accept that the game is up. Their senior management team have made mistake after mistake. I pity their dealer network, get out now! Isuzu dealers take note this distributor is not up to the job. Failure with Subaru, Daihatsu, can they exist trying to milk the Isuzu brand to death.

Well done Subaru, some common sense at last. The ETCo could only fail! Free vacuum every THREE years. Winter tyres for a country that hardly uses them. And how many people lose their keys???

A longer warranty sounds great, the brand is renowned for it´s reliability and this just adds extra security to that reputation.

If only mainland Europe done the same thing, hear, most warranties are 2 years only, 3 is rare (Subaru are currently 3, I will ask the dealer about the new 5 year term). I am looking at an XV. I thought about something else but I need good 4WD for Switzerland and I want to drive something a little bit more unique.
Subaru is far from dead here, maybe due to lower petrol prices and the winter weather.