Subaru scraps aftercare programme

Subaru scraps aftercare package
2 Jan, 2013 7:04pm Claire Holden

Subaru will no longer offer its free aftercare package with new models

Subaru has scrapped its Everything Taken Care of (ETCo) aftercare programme due to a lack of customer demand.

The package came free with new Subarus and included £7,000 of perks, such as a free wash and vacuum every month, free dent and alloy wheel repair, free key replacement and free winter tyre storage.

The company claims that customers were not taking advantage of the offers available in the ETCo programme, so it was replaced with an extended warranty that it thinks will be more appealing to new buyers.

Subaru is now offering a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty on all new cars bought from 1 January 2013, except the WRX STi which is covered by a three-year, 60,000-mile guarantee.

Any customer who bought a new Subaru before December 31 2012 will still be entitled to the benefits offered by the ETCo programme.

A spokesman for Subaru said: “Feedback received from our dealer network and their customers has confirmed that the ETCo package, though designed to be a ground-breaking and industry-leading offer, was less attractive to the majority of prospective buyers than a longer warranty.

“Research also showed that customers were not using the services offered by the ETCo package.”