Tesla launches new Supercharger forecourts

Tesla Model S
25 Sep, 2012 4:43pm Richard Ingram

New charging stations will give 150-mile range from a 30-minute charge

Tesla has announced plans to launch a network of charging stations, allowing owners to quickly and efficiently extend the range of their battery-powered vehicles.

The Supercharger forecourts will be placed along well-travelled routes and will give drivers a range of up to 150 miles from just 30 minutes charge.

The technology will effectively extend the 300-mile capability of the new Model S by 50 per cent – giving the luxury hatch a range of 450 miles.

What’s more, the charging points will be totally self-sufficient, generating power through a selection of solar panels. Added to this, the cost saving potential will be passed onto owners, whereby the service will be made free for Tesla owners.

Initially the brand will offer the technology at six specifically selected locations in North America, with the brand expanding to Europe and Asia towards the end of next year.

By 2015 it expects to have more than 100 active stations in the US and more worldwide.