Apple in talks with Tesla but deal is "very unlikely"

Tesla Model S EV badge
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21 Feb, 2014 10:53am Sam Naylor

Apple bosses met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but the he says a deal isn't on the cards (updated)

Update: Tesla's Elon Musk has said that it is '"very unlikely'" that Apple will buy Tesla Motors in the near future. 

"We need to stay super focused on creating a compelling mass-market electric car," Musk told Bloomberg in a recent interview. "I'd be very concerned in any kind of acquisition scenario, whoever it is, that we would become distracted from that task, which has always been the driving goal of Tesla."

Original story: Apple is best known for its iPod, iPhone and iPad devices but we could one day see a car from the tech giant on the Auto Express homepage.

According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, Apple's mergers and acquisition chief, Adrian Perica (plus Apple CEO Tim Cook) met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk last spring with a view to buying the electric car maker.

Apple iCar: iOS is coming to your vehicle

The meeting, which took place at Apple's Cupertino headquarters in California, was supposedly around the same time that industry analysts were suggesting Apple buy Tesla. It is also rumoured that Apple is looking into medical technology in a bid to expand the business away from the technology market.

The report notes that the high-profile figures involved in the meeting suggests genuine intent to buy the electric car firm.

Tesla Model S EV screen

The Tesla Model S already features a large, tablet-like display which is the size of two iPads. It can be used to browse the web, set up the infotainment or plot your route on the sat-nav. It's already a responsive and useful feature, but would surely benefit from a tie-up between these two companies.

Apple announces iOS in the Car

The Apple iCar is something we've heard about before, with Apple's 'iOS in the Car' (otherwise known as iOSitC) software being leaked by a mobile app developer last month. The leaked video showed an iPhone hooked up to a separate window, presumably in a car - and the system has the backing of big name brands like BMW, Toyota and Ford.

The move towards buying a car manufacturer will be a step ahead of competitor Google, which is using its Android operating system to develop partnerships with companies like Honda, Hyundai and Vauxhall.

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Tesla + Apple = Frapple {baked wrapped apple} = Crapple

Both Apple and Tesla have spyware that make it possible for them to track and spy on customers user habits. Big brother type of stuff.

How is it a "secret meeting" when there are dozens of articles posted on this "secret meeting" that seem more like advertising than news?

Should companies that manufacture defective products that catch fire & EXPLODE, the best choice to start manufacturing medical devices?

Tesla manufactures more excuses, then cars.

There has been at least five significant Tesla related fires. Tesla has been dragging its feet on safety and the recall. lol

The most recent Tesla garage fire to hit the news was in Toronto. The car supposedly wasn't even plugged in, so the charging system isn't likely to be a source. I'm hoping to hear reports from the fire departments investigation, because I don't trust Tesla's "fire investigations", which seem more like coverups.

There has been at least five Tesla fires. Two Teslas caught on fire after only running over road debris. One Tesla caught on fire and EXPLODED after being in an accident in Mexico. There was a Tesla fire in a California garage, that the Tesla charger connection was ruled as a possible source of the fire by the fire department. Recently there was a Tesla garage fire in Toronto, that so far I haven't heard the fire department give a ruling. Arguably there has been scores, possibly hundreds of minor Tesla fires. There has been a plethora of Tesla charge connectors that have overheated, melted and burned. Though many Tesla shills will argue that they are not fire. Categorically and scientifically they are often classified as fire. Rapid oxidation or rapid decomposition is often classified as fire. Like the metaphor; where there is smoke, there is fire.

A few months ago there was a Tesla related garage fire in California that the fire department ruled that the Tesla charging system was a possible source of the fire. The suspect portion of the Tesla charging system that the fire department in California determined was a possible source of the California garage fire, is also suspected in many other Tesla charger reported cases that Tesla charge connections have overheated, melted and burned. Tesla issued a software "fix", however Tesla charge connectors have continued to overheat, melt and burn despite the so-called "fix".

The Tesla model S. still has defects that make it a fire hazard. Tesla charger connections are still overheating, melting and burning. Tesla batteries are poorly located and poorly protected.

On 1-9-2014 Elon Musk said that replacement adapters that are part of the recall would be mailed out within two weeks. A month later Tesla customers have still not received the replacement adapters that are part of the Tesla model S. recall.

Several people have been injured by faulty Tesla charge connectors. Tesla is big on making promises and hype, but short on delivery. Tesla needs to start making safety a top priority. Tesla needs to stop playing blame games and games with semantics. Tesla needs to stop lying. Tesla needs to be proactive instead of reactive. Tesla is being a follower of technology, rather than a leader. Tesla is a greedy corporation that has a disregard for safety. The Tesla model S. is an E-Pinto.

Whoa there Jim- off with the foil hat. I don't think Elon Musk is a Bond villain, with a evil desire to track my car journey and then explode my car outside KFC in Scunthorpe.