Toyota testing future road safety systems

8 Jan, 2013 5:03pm Luke Madden

Toyota and Lexus have revealed the Integrated Safety Management Concept, showcasing future road safety tech

Toyota and Lexus have unveiled a prototype Lexus LS fitted with a raft of safety systems designed with the ultimate goal of eliminating all road traffic deaths.

The Integrated Safety Management Concept isn’t a self-driving car in the traditional sense, but does use a range of cameras, sensors and communication tools to prevent collisions and assist the driver. With the ability to talk to other smart vehicles and infrastructure like smart traffic lights, Toyota and Lexus are hoping to cut the number of collisions at junctions and during lane changes.

Three high-definition video cameras, a 360-degree laser and radar on the front and side of the car will all help to warn the driver of impending accidents and prevent collisions. Toyota says the technology works from the moment the driver pulls away, as well as improving rescue and response if an unavoidable crash happens.

Mark Templin, vice president of Toyota Group is keen to stress this isn’t an autonomous car: “Our vision is a car equipped with an intelligent, always-attentive co-pilot whose skills contribute to safer driving.”

“The real value of research projects like this is reinforcing our focus on what a few years ago seemed an impossible dream and is now becoming more plausible,” Templin said. “We, at TMC and Lexus, consider the elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries the ultimate goal of a society that values mobility.”