Toyota Yaris facelift revealed

28 May, 2014 10:00am Jonathan Burn

More details on radical Yaris facelift announced, including more efficient engines and greater refinement

Further details on the facelifted and recently introduced Toyota Yaris have been revealed. Aside from the obvious Aygo inspired design, biggest changes include a more efficient 75g/km of CO2 Hybrid model plus further mechanical changes to boost refinement and increase driving fun.

The fresh-faced model, which wears substantially redesigned front and rear bumper now features 1,000 completely new parts. For a facelift even Toyota admits the Yaris has received quite a bold overhaul but a more dramatic look for future facelifted models is something we can continue to expect from the Japanese manufacturer.

Although the interior may look largely unchanged, every surface is new and trimmed with softer materials. A larger seven-inch integrated touchscreen is now also fitted as standard, while the centre console has been raised by 23mm to reduce the length of the gearstick.

Under the now more rigid body structure, the rear suspension has been redesigned to incorporate a stiffer torsion beam with softer springs meaning improved ride quality. Improving refinement was also on the to do list, achieved through better sound insulation around the dashboard bulkhead and doors.

Available engines remain unchanged from those offered on the current model. The 1.33-litre petrol and 1.4-litre diesel engines have been fitted with a torque vectoring rod and better insulation for the exhaust to boost refinement, while the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol and Hybrid models are now more efficient. The smaller-capacity petrol engine is the same offered in the forthcoming Aygo, with CO2 emission reduced from 110g/km to 99g/km.

The most efficient engine remains the Hybrid powertrain, with emissions cut from 79g/km to 75g/km meaning it’s now exempt from the London congestion charge. Fuel economy is also claimed at 86.5mpg, up from 81mpg. Pricing for the updated Yaris range will be announced closer to the September launch.