325bhp Toyota GT 86 concept teased

3 Jan, 2013 12:15pm Tom Phillips

Gazoo Racing will unveil a tuned Toyota GT 86 at the Tokyo Auto Salon

The Toyota GT 86 is our reigning Performance Car of the Year. But the Japanese firm’s race department, Gazoo Racing, has decided that Toyota’s coupe has more performance potential to exploit.

The result is the GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum, which will make its public debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon later this month. It’s powered by the same 2.0-litre flat-four engine, but Gazoo has added a supercharger and a turbocharger to increase the engine’s power from 197bhp to 325bhp, and torque from 205Nm to 431Nm.

Complimenting the engine’s increased power is a sports exhaust, 18-inch alloys - which hide lowered, uprated suspension and bigger brakes - and a mechanical LSD.

The GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum has also received a makeover with new LED lights front and rear, a huge rear wing, new front bumper and flared wheelarches, which increase the GT 86’s track from 1,775mm to 1,855mm.

Inside, there are white bucket seats with four-point harnesses, a roll cage and some extra dials.

Toyota has not yet released performance details for the FR Sports Concept Platinum, but as it features considerably more power and torque, and tips the scales at 1,280kg - 5kg more than the standard car - it should easily eclipse the regular GT 86's 0-62mph time of 7.6 seconds and 140mph top speed.

The GRMN FR Sports Concept Platinum will take centre stage on Toyota’s stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which runs from 11 to 13 January. Toyota will show four other GT 86s tuned by Toyota’s Original Accessory department, Toyota-affiliated racing team Tom’s, Toyota Racing Developments, and tuner Modellista.

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That's impressive. This power upgrade pushes GT86 towards supercar category. But no thanks, Toyota. Sell this GT86 to an Arab playboy. My money is on the standard car.

I'd feel pretty short-changed if I got a supercar with 325bhp.

Didnt Subaru say they would not be offering a WRX version of their BRZ, because a turbo would not fit, strange, that they (Gazoo Racing) have found space for a supercharger as well as a turbo, just another pointer to the direction Subaru are heading, and its not the right one..

An STi version of the BRZ is in the pipe line from Subaru due late 2013/early 2014.

What I find amazing is that they have more than doubled that torque, added ~60% more hp, then beef up all key parts to cope...and only added 5kg in total. Guess this means serious carbon fibre...and a serious price rise to match.

That's an interesting fact you picked up on in the story. If its true that this car is a mere 5kg heavier than the standard GT86 which is rather light-ish itself then we can expect a very fast acceleration from this Toyota. 0-62 in under 5 seconds. My guesstimate!

Add the make-over on top of this hike in power and the possible extensive use of carbon fibre and we're looking at an R8-ish asking price. Impressive stuff. My money is still on the standard car.