Toyota Hybrid-R full details

10 Sep, 2013 9:00am Jonathan Burn

Toyota Hybrid-R will be unveiled at Frankfurt, as the manufacturer reveals full technical specifications and images

The Toyota Hybrid-R concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month, and the manufacturer has released full technical details and pictures of the concept.

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Based on the Toyota Yaris hatchback, the Hybrid-R uses a combination of the hybrid system found in the Toyota TS030 Le Mans racer, plus an all-new 300bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. A 60bhp electric motor is fitted to each of the rear wheels, increasing total power output of the Hybrid-R to 420bhp, delivered through an intelligent all-wheel-drive system.

A third electric motor placed between the engine and six-speed sequential transmission, helps distribute power between the rear wheels acting like a traction control system. It’s also used as a generator, which feeds power to the supercapacitor – also found on the TS030 Le Mans racer – which can store and distribute energy much faster than a normal battery.

The supercapacitor can also deliver varying amounts of power to the wheels depending on the car's settings. In ‘road’ mode energy will be released for a maximum of 20 seconds per charge and reduces the total power of the electric motors to 40bhp. In ‘track’ mode, the motors reach a combined maximum of 120bhp for up to five seconds per charge. The electric motors also vary the amount of torque distributed to each of the rear wheels to optimize handling while cornering.

Karl Schlicht, executive vice president of sales, marketing and product planning at Toyota Europe said: "The Yaris Hybrid-R is just a concept but we are exploring sport lines for Toyota models. We believe there is an appetite for credible performance Toyotas. We want to take our time and get it right, though." Schlicht also revealed that a flagship Toyota Supra replacement was still under consideration, as was a convertible version of the GT86.