Trident Iceni: diesel V8 sports car promises over 100mpg

29 Apr, 2014 12:29pm Jonathan Burn

A new British sports car has been revealed with three bodystyles to choose from and a 108mpg diesel V8

New Norfolk-based manufacturer Trident has revealed its groundbreaking new sports car capable of 190mph and over 100mpg.

Called the Trident Iceni, it’s billed as the world’s fastest and most fuel- efficient diesel sports car, and comes in three bodystyles – the Iceni Manga fastback, the Iceni Venturer estate (not pictured) and an open-top Iceni sports car with removable roof panels. The order books are now open, with prices starting from £96,000.

Under the curvaceous bodywork lies a 395bhp 6.6-litre V8 turbodiesel engine developing 949Nm of torque. Coupled with a six-speed automatic gearbox, it is able to propel the Iceni from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and on to a top speed of over 190mph.

Trident claims the Iceni has the ability to return up to 108mpg running at a constant 30mph, allowing the car to theoretically cover up to 2,000 miles on a single 84-litre tank of fuel. The key to this is tall gearing to make the most of the huge reserves of torque. At 70mph in top gear, the V8 is ticking over at just 980rpm.

Trident Iceni sports car black

Standard equipment includes air-con, electric windows, leather trim and a DAB radio with Bluetooth, although buyers can also choose between four optional upgrade packs. A Track Pack – yours for a whopping £30,875 – ups power and torque to 660bhp and 1,424Nm, as well as adding an uprated differential, brakes and Eibach race-derived suspension to help manage the power.

A Performance Pack (£11,300) is also available, boosting power and torque to 430bhp and 1,288Nm, along with the addition of a carbon fibre rear splitter.

For those wanting something a little more sophisticated, the £7,000 Lux Pack adds sat-nav, diamond-cut alloys, two-tone Alcantara and leather upholstery and a four-piece luggage set. The £2,700 Premium Pack adds a fog-resistant coating to the windscreen, carbon interior trim and electric seats. A set of carbon ceramic brakes can also be ordered for £15,500.

Those interested in buying an Iceni can find out more at the manufacturer's website.

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I'm sorry, but why quote touring MPG at 30mph? Either quote the standard (however misleading, at least they can be used for comparison purposes) official figures or come up with a steady 70mph cruise figure...

They're only offering it with a diesel? Does this company actually want to fail? After all, a niche car like this would appeal only to niche know, the sort of people who have a Lister in the garage and couldn't give a toss about fuel consumption.
This needs to burble like a good old sports car and the Chevy supercharged V8 wouldn't fitted the bill perfectly.

Yes, a constant steady 30mph is so far from real world it might as well be the drivers chocolate consumption rate.

A diesel in this ??? lol especially a 6.6 V8 gonna be heavy, defeats the object of a 'sports car' im sure there are plenty of petrol engines a lot smaller & few less cylinders that can exceed 400+bhp even though the mpg wont be quite as good as this 6.6 diesel, for someone can afford to pay nearly 100k for a sports car & specify extra's such as ceramic brakes for a shocking 15k last thing they be bothered about is saving few quid on fuel !

Sorry, did you say £100k ??

I'd rather have an i8

World's fastest van! Rear three-quarter vision is about as good as a Transit too!