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Fiat Multipla

25 Mar, 2003

Is it an ugly duckling or a beautiful swan? It appears that there are two distinct camps of opinion when it comes to the Fiat Multipla - and those that love the car value it as an immensely practical and cleverly designed people carrier.

Used car tests

MCC Smart

18 Mar, 2003

You don't have to pay through the nose for Mercedes quality, and here's the car that proves it - the MCC Smart. Developed by Mercedes with watchmaker Swatch, the car was planned to be as small as possible while remaining practical.

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11 Mar, 2003

Replacing a motoring legend was never going to be easy, but there's no denying the BMW-built MINI has caught the public's imagination.

Used car tests

Renault Laguna

4 Mar, 2003

With the current model getting all the attention thanks to its futuristic looks, class-leading safety and impressive comfort, the previous- generation Renault Laguna could seem distinctly old hat these days.

Used car tests

Audi S3

25 Feb, 2003

It's now nearly seven years since Audi first unveiled the A3, but thanks to clean styling, a great image and excellent build, it's still a popular choice with buyers.

Used car tests

Honda Accord

18 Feb, 2003

Get behind the wheel of any Honda and there's immediately a taut, precise feel. The Accord is no exception, with great handling finesse and driver involvement to rival many German executive competitors.

Used car tests

Used Hyundai Coupe review

12 Feb, 2003

It was billed as the Korean Ferrari when it first appeared in 1996, and since then the Coup

Used car tests

Volkswagen Lupo

4 Feb, 2003

Thanks to great build quality, an upmarket image and mature road manners, VW's baby has won thousands of fans since its introduction in 1999.

Used car tests

Peugeot 307

28 Jan, 2003

Taking over from the Peugeot 306 was never going to be an easy task. After all, the French manufacturer's Ford Escort rival was a fine-handling and well packaged machine.

Used car tests

Used SEAT Leon review

14 Jan, 2003

Introduced in 2000, the SEAT Leon is like a Volkswagen Golf in a party frock.