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Used car tests

Used Hyundai Coupe review

12 Feb, 2003

It was billed as the Korean Ferrari when it first appeared in 1996, and since then the Coup

Used car tests

Volkswagen Lupo

4 Feb, 2003

Thanks to great build quality, an upmarket image and mature road manners, VW's baby has won thousands of fans since its introduction in 1999.

Used car tests

Peugeot 307

28 Jan, 2003

Taking over from the Peugeot 306 was never going to be an easy task. After all, the French manufacturer's Ford Escort rival was a fine-handling and well packaged machine.

Used car tests

Used SEAT Leon review

14 Jan, 2003

Introduced in 2000, the SEAT Leon is like a Volkswagen Golf in a party frock.

Used car tests

Toyota Celica

7 Jan, 2003

Style and practicality have become Toyota Celica bywords - for 30 years now the popular two-door coup

Used car tests

Mercedes E-Class

2 Jan, 2003

Have you always promised yourself a Mercedes? If so, then now could be the time to buy

Used car tests

Audi TT

17 Dec, 2002

The Audi TT has become one of the ultimate fashion accessories of the 21st century, with stunning concept car design, legendary engineering and a great record for reliability. Three years since its UK launch - and four after it first went on sale in

Used car tests

SEAT Ibiza

3 Dec, 2002

If you fancy the image and reliability of Volkswagen's Polo, but can't afford the prices, then check out SEAT's Ibiza.

Used car tests

Honda HR-V v Skoda Fabia v Porsche 944 v Fiat Multipla v Toyota MR2

3 Dec, 2002

What's available for £6,000? We explore some of the options