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A-team van
10 Jan, 2014 9:45am Nathan Velayudhan

The nation votes for its top favourite TV vans

Research published by Direct Line for Business reveals the nation's favourite vans to have made television appearances. 

Thousands of Brits have voted for their favourite vans across a range of programmes, from a mystery-solving cartoon to an action-packed TV series.

So, which van came out on top? Unsurprisingly, the A-team's classic GMC Vandura was Britain's most popular van.

Despite the series ending in 1987, the A-team van has become an enduring pop culture icon - much like the VW camper van. Maybe it's because of its stylish red stripe, or perhaps because it's driven by the one and only B.A Baracus.

Among the favourites was the crime-solving Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo series, while vans below the seven per cent mark included the Ectomobile from the Ghostbusters. 

Here's a list of Britain's top five favourite TV vans.

The A-Team Van 43%
Scooby gang’s Mystery Machine 20%
Delboy's Reliant Regal Supervan 12%
Wallace & Gromit’s Anti-Pesto, pest control van 10%
Postman Pat’s Bedford 7%

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I recon the amazing A-Team van today would be equipped with a 1,2 L turbo 3 cyl something, with an astonishing MPG figure..... Although as much fun as a piece of brick this would certainly be thrilling for the ECO crowds!

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