Vauxhall Adam starts official production

10 Jan, 2013 12:23pm Jack Rix

Production of the Vauxhall Adam has begun at the factory in Germany

Production of the Vauxhall Adam is officially underway at the Eisenach plant in Germany, where it will be built on the same line as the Corsa.

GM has invested 190million Euros to introduce this second production line, but it's paying off - more than 16,000 orders have already been taken despite the Adam not officially arriving in showrooms until 19 January.

Building the Adam has posed a unique set of problems, due to the incredible level of personalisation. More than 61,000 exterior and 82,000 interior combinations are available, but careful organisation of the components - allowing them to be delivered to the right place on the production line at precisely the right time - has made it possible.

"Whoever orders an Adam today can be quite certain that they won't see an identical car," Thomas Sedran, Deputy CEO told us. "That's how extensive the diverse range is that we're building here."