Limited-edition VW Beetle Fender revealed

20 Dec, 2012 12:00pm Tom Phillips

VW Beetle Fender has been created in conjunction with the guitar maker

This is the limited-edition Volkswagen Beetle Fender, which has been created in conjunction with the legendary guitar maker.

The Beetle Fender is only available with the 138bhp diesel engine, so it’s fitting that the car can only be had in VW’s Deep Pearl Black paint finish. Buyers can choose between a six-speed manual or DSG dual clutch gearboxes.

As well as the black paint, the Fender edition’s exterior gets a rear wing, retro 18-inch alloys and a Fender badge on each front wing.

Inside, as you’d expect, the car features a 400-watt Fender stereo, complete with boot-mounted subwoofer and illuminated front speaker mountings, which is normally a £520 optional extra. The entire dash panel also features what VW calls a “vibrant sunburst wood, just like a classic Fender guitar.”

The Beetle Fender also comes fitted with climate control, front and rear parking sensors, xenon headlights and a unique cloth interior trim.

Order books open on 2 January and production is very limited, although VW UK is currently unsure of just how many cars it will receive.

However, with prices starting from £23,015 for the manual and £24,610 for the DSG model, the Fender is better value than the Beetle Sport on which it’s loosely based. It should have better residual values, too, as it’s a limited-run car.

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There seem to have been a few limited editions of this Beetle now, and some announced for the new cabriolet. Long gone are the days when limited editions were only towards the end of a models lifetime or for poor sales figures.

23k for a beetle I don't think so

I assume the British version will be called the "Bumper".

This is bound to confuse Americans, why are the calling it a Beetle wheel-arch/wing ;). Surely a Beetle Stratocaster would be a nicer name, and hopefully no one with speech problems will call it a feetle bender...oooops..

In a word, cringeworthy.

For this price I would only buy it if it comes with an original Stratocaster and Fender amplifier. However it does remind me of the days when we would snuggle up on those rear seats on those hot days with the pop-out windows letting a tiny breeze just enough to keep us breathing. The car indeed has a personality. But few would spend so much for just a walk down the memory lane.

What happened to the days where the beetle was a cheap-as-chips car? I wonder if Citroen will revive the 2CV name and charge 30k for it...

Ha, I did. It's pricy. But it's a nice car. Great sound system. Fun to drive. Of course nothing will ever replace my 71.
I already have a strat, but a strat is only just over a thousand dollars.

yes we Americans do walk around confused much of the time

Looks cool. The wood is way off. This seems plasticky and fender doesn't use flame maple but alder or ash instead. Far from "a classic fender guitar". I wonder if they just payed something for the damn badges...

Beetles were never cheap when new. You can't compare a Beetle to a 2CV/Dyane, the VW was significantly more expensive.