Volkswagen California video review

15 Oct, 2013 12:26pm

The Volkswagen California comes with two beds, a kitchen sink, and it even transforms into a sitting room

While it may look like a Volkswagen Transporter, the Volkswagen California is no ordinary van, as we find out in this video review.

It's actually a mobile home featuring cupboards, drawers, a fridge, and a gas hob for cooking. It even has a kitchen sink.

You can transform it into a sitting room, too, by rotating the front chairs around. Plus, there's a little dining table if you want to have people over for lunch.

When you get tired, you can pack everything away, fold the rear bench and hey presto - the inside of the Volkswagen California has transformed into a bed.

That's not all - if you want to have guests over to stay, you can raise the California's roof to create a second floor, which houses a second bed. All at the simple press of a button.

There's also lots of extra furniture stored in the Volkswagen California - in the boot hatch you'll find a couple of picnic chairs, and in the sliding door you will discover a concealed table. Plus, on a rainy day, if you opt for the awning, you also get protection from the horrid British weather. Watch the video review to find out more about the California's hidden qualities.

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