New VW Golf Plus revealed

8 Sep, 2013 9:00am Luke Madden

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan concept revealed, which shows how the next Golf Plus will look

This is the VW Golf Sportsvan, which will be joining the Golf R and electric e-Golf on Volkswagen’s Frankfurt motor show stand.

The concept is a near-production-ready version of the next-generation VW Golf Plus, based on the same MQB platform as the standard hatch but with a larger cabin. It’s shorter overall than the Golf and Golf Estate, yet has a 50mm longer wheelbase and higher roofline to boost leg and headroom in the rear.

Frankfurt motor show 2013

Boot space stands at 498 litres, but this can be increased to 585 litres by sliding the rear bench forward 180mm. That’s 66 litres more than in the old Plus, although slightly down on the Estate’s 605 litres.

The next-generation Plus will have the same line-up of engines as the hatch. That includes petrol turbos ranging from 84bhp to 148bhp, plus 109bhp and 148bhp turbodiesels. There’ll also be an efficient 1.6-litre TDI BlueMotion, promising 76.3mpg economy and 95g/km of CO2 emissions.

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Just what the world didnt ask for - another VW Golf Abortion.


I like it. Would certainly look at one if I was in the market for such a car. Will be a lot of money though. Where is the Polo Plus that was once talked about? VW need a product in the supermini MPV segment asap.

Not sure about this one.

It'd make a good second hand buy, I remember the plus version depreciating like crazy.

Still it doesn't look good. Inside out it looks a bit like Kia. Of old. Like before ceed old, ha ha.

C-max, carens, even picasso anyone?

You are pathetic, Troll.

Yikes another Golf niche filled so the point of the Golf estate is ?. What were the development cost,s of this and if they did not produce this then Golf would be a lot less expensive . So all you Golf lovers just remember V W makes you pay for all those cost of all this unnecessary niche filling. What next a pumped up high riding Golf 7 seat cabriolet !! Would we all really feel duped if this Plus was not made I think not

VW made a universal platform to be used on golf and many other vehicles and brands (Skoda/Seat/Audi etc), no major development cost or high manufacturing costs. VW could make hundreds of niche cars and make a company! One day a Skoda Veytron electric powered budget Bugatti Veyron, the futures bright the futures plus LOL!

Never quiet understood why car manufacturers feel the need to build cars with so much space above your head, that you could almost fit a mezzanine into it. To me such cars feel "van like". I think it would be very rare that you'd need the extra internal height, and I'm assuming that as the wheel base is longer, that the boot will be shorter. The standard Golf has loads of head & foot room in the back (more than plenty enough for 6 footers plus) and feels very spacious as it is. Saying that though, it still does look a lovely car.

Why not? It's a great chassis to build different variants upon. In any case, it's no different to other competitors. Look at BMW for example, for the 3 series chassis, you have 6 variants already, including a 4x4!! (accepting that the coupe has just become the 4 series). The 1 series has a hatch, a coupe, a open top & a 4x4. A "high roof line" 1 series is also in the pipe line. You can bet your bottom dollar BMW will add a loads more variants in the coming years across all chassis, especially the 1 series when it moves to FWD. So, I really don't see what your issue is.

Nick Antro. I think the development cost,s are far greater than you seem to suggest. We are talking millions of Euros just to change all the body panels.I just want to ask what this Golf Plus brings to us all that the current Golf and its Estate brother cant give us. Again do we all need this Golf Plus I still don,t thnk we do and the cost,s it needed to bring it to the market would therefore not be costed into the equation

Ah so the AE Gestapo removed a perfectly legitimate comment criticising the Golf Plus there's a surprised.

We know who your paymasters are.....

I like the New Volkswagen Golf Plus that has been revealed

Your equally scatological comment about the Citroen Cactus has also been removed by AE. So they cannot be accused by a reasonable person of partiality in this case

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