New VW Golf Mk7 specs, pictures and details

4 Sep, 2012 8:30pm Luke Madden

We reveal all the new VW Golf Mk7 official specs, pictures and details

The new VW Golf Mk7 has been officially revealed to the public at an event in Berlin.

The all-new Golf will be one of next year’s most important cars. It'll go head-to-head with the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra, and VW promises it will revolutionise what people expect from a family hatch, with ultra-efficient engines and huge amounts of technology.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the new Golf’s looks, but it’s certainly smarter than the outgoing model. The roof is 28mm lower, helping to create 
a sportier profile, which is also set off by a bold feature line running the length of the doors.

The lights are more angular front and rear, while the larger bumpers lend the new Golf a touch of the outgoing GTI model’s sporty style.

Lightweight design

Underneath the new body is the VW Group’s MQB platform. This combines with a high-strength steel body and lighter engines to reduce the kerbweight by a total of 100kg.

That’s despite the new car being 56mm longer and 13mm wider than the MkVI it replaces.

Those weight savings help it become the cleanest Golf yet; in ultra-efficient 1.6 TDI BlueMotion spec it manages 88.3mpg and emits just 85g/km of CO2 – better even than the Polo BlueMotion.

The petrol engines are eco-friendly, too, as a 1.4-litre TSI with cylinder deactivation joins the line-up. This can run on two cylinders, helping it to achieve 58.8mpg and 112g/km of CO2.

Upgraded interior

Interior quality has always been a Golf trademark and VW intends to move the game on, with a newly designed layout that gets a driver-angled centre console.

This console now incorporates touchscreen infotainment as standard, with the unit on high-spec models recognising when the driver is about to touch it.

We’re hoping the new Golf will be great to drive, too, thanks to the XDS electronic differential, previously found only on the GTI.

Safety is just as important, and the Golf gets autobraking, fatigue detection, lane assist and a system that pre-tensions the seatbelts and closes the windows before an accident.

VW claims that the new Golf won’t cost any more than the existing car, too. That means a price of around £17,000 when it goes on sale early next year.

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Spot the difference between this and Mark 6

I have just checked. The last piece you did on this vehicle was on 23rd. August. Yet within 2 weeks of that we have another plug! No matter how many plugs you do for it, this car is still a snoozewagen which, as one correspondent on the other feature states, takes up more space on the road than its predecessor.

Disapointed, expected more but know VW wont give more...same as Jetta also mk6...

This is just a facelift.

I think AE has made a mistake, they've put up a photo of the last generation Golf...

These are the official launch pictures & details of the new car. 23rd August article was technical details. If you don't want to read it stop getting your knickers in a twist.

Extremely dull, boring car, as are most Volkswagen group cars.

Exactly my point for it adds nothing to the previous article but no-one can know this without reading it. Purely another plug.

Again boring on the design front... Can't deny that the car will probably be great to drive though. What may be some kind of saving grace is that the gti will most likely up it's power to match rivals which in turn will hopefully push the R into true hyper hatch territory. Sad that it looks so similar to the outgoing model, but i bet it sells by the bucket load...

golf fans: like!

Any other, will buy almost any other car in the class.

Damn them, the interior is boring as a failed SUV. Looks like a cross between the Jetta/rapid theme with better trimming. Boring dials, smallish screen (that with the compass) failed design on the wheel controls...

Kia/Hyundai could help VW learn a thing or two in interior design (all new cars are decent to top quality an its just plastic you know!).

Although the exterior styling may not have taken a huge leap, improvements in the interior styling, safety features and engine refinements should still lead loyal customers to buy one.. it might not look as exciting as the Renault Megane, Ford Focus, or Hyundai for that matter but I think it will still sell. I just hope the Golf GTI and Golf R will offer some level of excitement considering the reviews that the Renault Megane RS models, The Ford Focus ST, and the Vauxhall/Opel Astra GTC/OPC have been receiving.

They did the same with the mk6, they proclaimed it as the "Best Ever Golf" when it was just a picture and no-one had even driven it yet.

AE are effectively a PR wire for VW group and BMW.

All good, except for the silver plastic on the dash. I'm glad the air conditioning controls were improved - the Golf 5 has better controls than the Golf 6.

oH well.
Sticking with the new Leon ill be muhahahhaaaa

Nice to see VW finally pushing the boundaries of car design .......... oh hang on, they aren't.

The car looks nice but very predictable, hopefully they have solved the issues with the TSi engines, that's far more important! Allthough the new Auris does not have the fit and finish of the new Golf, it is reliable and with modern Hybrid technology. I will go for the new Toyota Auris instead.

With the reputation and image VW have built up with the Golf over the decades they would be absolutley insane to lose it all and begin with a clean-sheet design. I think they've got it just right; it looks much sharper then before but still couldn't be mistaken for anything but a Golf, and I like that they've reversed the ever bloating weight trend of mid-sized hatches, let's watch all the other brands follow.
It looks like the Golf will continue to be all the car for all people!

To paraphrase Roger Daltrey: "Meet the new Golf, same as the old Golf". The conservatism of the design also makes even the Passat look exciting.

This is just as we would have expected. VW are never going to break a winning formula.

I'm not sure about the interior. If you had removed the badges I would have sworn it was from Kia. Not necessarily a bad thing but a bit bling for VW.

Also being 'packed full of technology' is great when you buy new with a 3 year warranty but those of us who buy second hand are ever more wary of high tech cars. They may eek out a couple more MPG and a little less CO2 in the laboratory but this makes little difference on the road and they become prohibitively expensive to fix.

I think you'll find it was Pete's line - Roger just sang it

Predictable: Yes
Class-act: Yes

Yawwwwwwwwn .

Damn, the back is pure facelifted Seat Leon.

Eh, did they take a picture of the Golf 6 for misstake or is this really called the Golf 7?
The golf 6 was already called golf 5 IKEA; I wounder the nick of this one...

That was exactly how I tought

that will be hard

Da Silva's design philospohy reserved for VW is redicules, VW has very strong and respectable brand in the world, they dont need this repeating desing for all models, its just make confusion and people who drive VW get really bored. For example last Polo was just briliant on photos, but in reality it was awfull. They are telling us its new car, but reallity is something else, cuz they are using parts from older generation, and that was main reason, they couldnt creat something new. For me da Silva is best designer put his decision to move to VW I take as something so stupid because he cant show us his talent and how good he is and now I think am right.

Average car.
Average design
Average reliability.
Just right for Mr Average.

Not hugely exciting to look at but it'll grow on me when I get to buy one! Usual comments from the "never owned a Golf Brigade" Don't see them going on about Porche 911 and BMW's looking the same! Bravo VW, 30 million sales of the legendary Golf.

Dull car to the point of being a solution for insomniacs. Cabin design is even worse and it looks out of date already. Frankly you would have to be mad to purchase this car and those that do must only be doing so derived on some fool-hardy belief in the badge it wears being better than its peers.

no excitement, no new design, few difference, just what could be expected from VW. A closer design to old style. New VW's will go back to 80's. Golf VIII is expected to be very similar to Peugeot 306.

Prefer the new Leon...

I travel the M6 each day and each day I see C-Segment Volkswagen group products - Golfs, A1s, Skodas and Seats - at least a couple a day with loose and flapping, insecurely fastened, engine undertrays. Is there a recall out on this potentially lethal issue? Thank God not everything is as unreliable as a Volkswagen....

Looks just like the current Golf but with a smirk on it's anonymous face!

VW should be commended for the Golf - the fact it doesn't feel the need to reinvent itself every time a new model comes out is interesting and different in itself. In my view this enhances its reputation. This particular model is a big step forward under the skin due to the introduction of the MQB platform which appears to be taking important steps in all the right directions (weight loss, better packaging & cost reductions) This should be a truly great car regardless of opinion over its styling.

Oh dear god, it's just like a slightly different older Golf. Have VW really lost the plot? It looks like the old boxy Fiat Brava. Why oh why do all VW models have to look like all their siblings? Audi are guilty as much for this. I would never consider a VW on the grounds of their dullard styling over over-cautiousness, not only that but despite their ranting about quality, these days a Hyundai is pretty much built to the same standard and is possibly MORE reliable AND cheaper to own than anything with a VW badge. Glad I won't be stupid enough for the 'VW Spell'...

Well said!!

Very well put, People who rant on about VWs are brainwashed about the quality. It's no longer the huge leap ahead as it was in, say the 80s. Todays budget brands are pretty much up to a similar level. And VW are guilty of using cheap plastics in the new cars...

Absolutely well put. VW buyers are usually grey, dull and very predictable people.

AE are bad for this I've noticed...


True. I had a new Golf a few years ago and it was the worst car I have ever owned. Poor dealer service too. There are a lot of dissatisfied owners out there - VW quality is average at best.

88.3MPG for the TDI???? Isn't that like a theoretical range of 2000km on a single 55 litre tank?? WTF??? The petrol TSI is going to give a theoretical range of > 1000KM on a single 55 litre tank.

Say all you guys want...... about reliability or looks.......the specs simply blow the other cars away. Respect.

"Reputation" you guys are talking about? What exactly is it? Cause we know from reliability surveys that Golf isn't the most reliable car in the class. In fact it isn't best at anything. Its the most average car you can find out there. Solid in every aspect, but great... Has anyone tried i30? Its miles in front of Golf, both by outside and inside design, quality of materials. But i guess average car is what the average man want's. Kinda sad really.

i cant believe vw has released mk7 so early. it has been only 4 years since mk6 was released. this is vw not hyundai or kia releasing all new models every 3-4 years. as vw standards mk6 must have lived 6-7 years and this years release should have been a make-up for mk6. this harms the image of vw for me. this is the most important reason for vws to keep their value for years. not changing the models completely in short period of times. and also i really think mk6 is still the best in the class withouth counting the premiums.
about the looks i didnt like it much. but i have to see it in metal for final decision. on all the other aspects im sure golf has moved the standards higher as always and be on top of its class.

Ok all you VAG bashers, why not pick on Land Rover for always making the Defender or range Rover or Discovery look the same? Or BMW always making their cars look the same? Jealousy - a hard pill to swallow....

They do. VW remain the apotheosis of "what will the neighbours think" though. A murrain on such tedium!

The Focus is better and the Astra is still better looking (although the Focus isn't exactly horrific like the ugly Golf!).