Volkswagen Golf 4Motion

28 Jan, 2013 4:48pm Luke Madden

Volkswagen has revealed a new four-wheel-drive Golf 4Motion - but it's unlikely to come to the UK

Volkswagen has unveiled details of a new four-wheel-drive Golf 4Motion, which isn’t expected to make it to the UK. The last four-wheel-drive Golf sold in the UK – aside from the current Golf R – was in the Mk5 line-up.

The new Golf 4Motion is available with two diesel engines: a 104bhp 1.6-litre or a 2.0-litre TDI producing 148bhp. The four-wheel-drive system itself weighs 1.4kg less than the set-up used in the previous Golf 4Motion and is reportedly quicker to respond, too.

The smaller 1.6-litre diesel manages 62.7mpg, while the 2.0-litre unit isn’t far behind, with 60.1mpg. That makes the 2.0-litre diesel around 15 per cent more efficient than the same capacity engine in the old Golf 4Motion.

To help boost traction, all 4Motion variants get electronic diff locks on both axles. There’s air-con, electric windows, daytime running lights and seven airbags, too. The 4Motion costs around £1,500 more than a front-wheel-drive Golf.

But while the 4Motion may not be coming to the UK, we’re expecting the new four-wheel-drive Mk7 Golf R to be on sale here by the end of the year. A Mk6 Golf R Cabriolet is also about to be launched, VW has announced the car will be officially shown on Monday 11 February, 2013. 

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If it is not coming to this country then why review it?

Got all excited... a Golf 4motion would tempt me but then it's not coming to the UK. Why not? Lost sales for VW!

Who would have thought 10 years back that there would be 4wd versions across the majority of the BMW range and VW wouldn't offer a 4motion on the Golf. Think they are missing out. Obviously there is a market.Id be tempted by an economical 4wd Golf. What sort of system is it using?

more snow here every year and vw still has no common sense considering selling the common car

more snow in uk every year and VW still has no common sense

Why wouldn't they review it. Some people might go abroad and fancy one if they have places in Europe.

I see why it's not available in Britain, as I suspect it offers little noticeable benefit over the front wheel drive. On those few days when we have slippery snow in the winter, my Golf is already capable "of going where no man has gone before", so unless the 4 wheel drive comes with an option that can zap the car ahead that's stuck and holding me up, then it seems pretty pointless to me. Surely it would just make the car more expensive, heavier, and driving through all wheels -less efficient. However, I can understand why someone in scandinavia would purchase it.

Waste of time for 99% of the readership. If it were some sort of supercar which could be featured on a "how the other half live" basis I could see the point, but otherwise no.

Okay so what about the reviews of high powered super cars that have huge price tags, only a select few on this site could actually afford one but yet you don't complain about those reviews do you....?!?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your comment. This is a news story and not a review - we're just keeping everyone in the loop.

Thanks again,
Auto Express

Well said Jack... you're absolutely right. As the years go by, and more & more cars are morphing into one, I am afraid I'm beginning to find magazines like this (that just look at the latest cars) a little boring. Therefore (and I hope AE are reading this) why don't AE start mixing up up a little, say doing features a little off piste... maybe a regular science feature, soem gutsy stuff about mechanics, maybe a review of some older cars, maybe a bit of racing... maybe a "top Gear" style article that will make us laugh?... and/or many other ideas. Just constantly reading page after page of comparisons of the latest Audi, VW or BMW or even comparing the latest Ferrari and Lambo is all getting a little boring now, and can only get worse.

Thanks for your feedback - it's always nice to receive such constructive comments. Have you picked up this week's issue yet? Our road test team has pitted the new Audi A1 quattro against the original Quattro - and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Thanks again,
Auto Express

Are you for real,comparing front wheel drive to 4wd.From a standing start all fwd does is spin and bounce,I wouldn't have fwd given.I know from the experience of having both at some point and fwd is ok for nervous women and inexperineced drivers,but that's it !

There are pros & cons of both front wheel drive and 4 wheel drive, but we can safely assume those arguments are lost on you given your childish comment.