VW Golf GTI vs Golf 2.0TDI

30 May, 2013 9:30am

In the second of our Heroes Humbled? videos, we test a Mk2 Golf GTI against today's 2.0 TDI version

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Sould have had 16v against 16v considering the tdi is a 16v engine. 119hp vs 150hp there is no question. Also everyone knows the 8v GTIs suck.

The 8v has 112bhp.. and this would have been a more interesting race against the 16v with 139bhp.

That VW GTi MK2 was an underpowered car. The GTI was still living off the name it was praised for from the MK1 when it beat all the good Fords of the day until Ford make the XR3i, another crappy car. All this fame came to a screeching halt when the Toyota Corolla GT AE85 and the Honda CRX came to the market. The AE86 of course changed the face of how cars would be built forever sending out in for the first time, mass production Twin Cam 16V engines, 4 way disc brakes, and limited slip diffs as standard with electronic fuel injection instead of that crap that Bosc subjected the entire UK and Europe to. Remember, before the AE86, you had to have almost Royal blood to be able to buy a Ford BDA Twin Cam 16V which was both rare and somewhat unreliable and didn't have electronic fuel injection. If you were a rich enough commoner , you could buy their Twin Cam Lotus version. So it's no wonder that a modern turbo diesel is going thrash the VW GTi which was still living on name only.

Stupid comparison

mk2 golf is better looking, not as bland as mk7