Extreme Volkswagen Golf R Evo set for Beijing

22 Jan, 2014 3:51pm Jack Rix

VW will present a lighter, more powerful Volkswagen Golf R Evo at Beijing Motor Show in April

Volkswagen will unveil a more extreme version of the Golf R at the Beijing Motor Show in April, an inside source has revealed. Presented as a concept car initially, with a production model likely to follow, the stripped out hot-hatch is expected to be badged Volkswagen Golf R Evo.

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The standard Golf R produces 296bhp and 380Nm from its 2.0 TSI engine, and sends power to all four wheels via a Haldex 4MOTION system. Expect the Golf R Evo model to receive a small bump in power, but the real performance gains will come from reducing weight.

Replacing the rear seats with a roll-cage, using thinner bucket seats in the front and fitting lighter alloys, along with a carbon-fibre roof and sections of carbon-fibre bodywork, would slash the R’s 1,476kg kerbweight. If VW can cut around 100kg, that would bring it into line with the front-wheel drive Golf GTI despite a significant power advantage.

Audi, a fellow VW Group manufacturer, showed exactly what’s possible with lightweight materials with the Audi TT ultra Quattro at the 2013 Worthersee tuning show. That car removed 299kg from the standard TT S’s kerbweight through extensive use of carbon-fibre for bodywork and structural elements, along with innovative plastic coil springs and carbon-ceramic brakes – ideas that could be applied to the Golf.

Our source also confirmed that a more extensive range of R performance parts will become available within the next two years. These will include engine upgrades, bigger brakes and electronic assistance systems, on top of the existing range of R-line bodykits and wheels.