Next Phaeton to inspire future VW look

Volkswagen Phaeton
30 Nov, 2012 4:16pm Mat Watson

The replacement for the Phaeton will influence the entire VW range

The next-generation Phaeton will introduce a new design direction for VW when it arrives in showrooms in 2015, Auto Express can reveal.

The current range is influenced by the Golf – which design boss Klaus Bischoff has admitted was a mistake – so the company will adopt a ‘top-down’ approach, led by the new flagship saloon.

“Using a bottom-up design strategy didn’t work,” Bischoff told Auto Express. “Flagship models like the Phaeton should act as halo products and influence the way the other cars in the range look, rather than the other way round.”

Bischoff also criticised models in the company’s current line-up for looking too similar, and promised that future VWs will have more individuality.

“There will be a specific look for saloons, one for our SUVs, one for the people carriers and one for our hatchbacks,” he explained.

But while future VWs will look ‘cooler’, Bischoff assured us that this new approach wouldn’t compromise practicality or driving experiences.

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Well, considering the old Phaeton was duller than dishwater, it doesn't inspire much confidence for their future designs.

VW Phaeton? Not for us! Who wants top drive around and pay lots of money for a thing that looks like a tarted up VW Passat?

There are many better and more elegant ways to drive and show your wealth and good sense and taste!

The latest elegant and dynamic Jaguar and Range Rover line up are perfect examples on this!

But there's no denying the fact that it is one of the best luxury cars by far, and walks over any BMW. Who'd want to drive a 7 series that just looks like a tarted up 5 series, which looks like a tarted up 3 series....

Well I have the old Phaeton as Scale1;18 model car. From Autoart. Next Phaeton won't have the W12. replaced by V8 twin Turbo. I don't mind it.

HMMM kind of reminds me of my Dads old 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis at first looks , doing a little retro American EH Volksie !

That's the whole point - those who don't want to show their wealth but still drive a Bentley in disguise.

Given that the W12 still exists in the A8, it might still come back to the Phaeton. Particularly for USA customers...

I'd like to see the following engines:

2.0t petrol hybrid
4.0t petrol v8 (as in S8, Bentley GT)
2.0 tdi
3.0 tdi
4.2 tdi

feared! That is the point! Vanity powers all society nowadays and especially the wealthy or near wealthy!That the reason for the success of Rolex, Omega, Burberry, Aquscutum, Dior etc etc!

And the wealthy want to show their wealth and power and superior place in our society! And a new Phaeton is and will be expensive because they nearly build them one at a time in Wolfsburg because of no demand!

Even the Russian millionaires have gone off then - except cheap stolen ones of course!

Jaguar and Range Rover are the pace makers now!

Sorry, I didn't get that your first comment was sarcastic.

Leave the wealthy to take the overpriced cars. Let's hope the Phaeton stays relatively rare - I certainly wouldn't mind a new one in a few years time. People only realise the calibre of the car when they sit inside.

That is, as long as they can sort out the niggles of the old one (excessively heavy, electrical problems, uneconomical).

I hope they manage sub-1800kg this time. 2900kg for the V10 TDi LWB was ridiculous. Weight down = performance up, and economy up.

That's part of the point. The target market is people who don't want a garish "footballers car" (Bentley / Range Rover / etc.)

I thought the first Phaeton was a great design

We have one in our family, a 3.0 diesel -- what a car. It's quick, smooth, comfortable and very quiet, even at high speeds. Looks bland but beautiful to drive.

The Phaeton is the basis for the Bentley Continental and as someone said, hand built. The best thing about this car? Every one thinks it's a Passat, until they sit in it and/or get driven in it. Then they start drooling....

Phaeton is just a well executed engineering exercise, its what VW's have always been about. Some say this would out do the s-class in quietness and ride quality. i never liked this as it looks like an over grown passat but as an engineered machine its quite good. personally i'd go for the new XJ, its the car to be seen in, simple, good looks and an interior unlike any other.

Who thinks a Phaeton Coupe would be nice. just like feared said about the Phaeton being like a Bentley in disguise, it could be like a Bentley continental GT?

the B5 Passat, concurrent with the Phaeton design, was a beautifully classic VW car. If you actually see a Phaeton in the metal, it is not really like a Passat at all, but shares certain of those classic features. Only those who have not experienced this wonderful car would make such sad comparisons. We have one and everyone we know loves it. It is much nicer than any Merc or Bimmer. The interior is fabulous. This is an economical way to run a Bentley Continental, largely identical under that smooth skin.