VW Polo R concept

17 May, 2012 4:28pm

Volkswagen Polo WRC Street concept revealed at Worthersee, previewing 217bhp model that will make production

VW has confirmed that ithe 217bhp Polo R WRC special edition revealed at Worthersee will go into production next year. Volkswagen says the concept is "a preview of an extremely sporty small series, which is due to be launched in late 2013."

The special-edition hatch will be produced in limited numbers, with its release will coinciding with the VW Polo’s entry into the World Rally Championship.

The power output has been confirmed as 217bhp from a 2.0-litre TSI engine, which has been fitted with a supercharger and a turbocharger - that's more even than the Golf GTI, but 49bhp short of the four-wheel-drive Golf R.

Styling upgrades include a roof spoiler, a rear diffuser and a subtly enhanced bodykit. Sports suspension, bigger alloys and R-WRC badges finish off the package.

VW also used the annual event in Worthersee to showcase two concepts. The first is the Golf GTI Black Dynamic that was put together by VW apprentices. It features a lower rideheight, special wheels and has had the power of its 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine boosted from the regular GTI’s 207bhp to 355bhp. It also has a powerful audio system, boasting 1800W.

With the theme of ‘Heaven and Hell’ for the show, the other concept is the Golf Concept White. While it's mechanically identical to the standard Golf GTI, it is finished in Onyx White matt paint and uses the contrasting dark grey 19-inch alloy wheels first seen on the 2011 Edition 35. Inside, there’s Nappa leather with the seats featuring red centres with black surrounds.

VW also displayed a number of concepts, including the e-Bugster and the Caddy up! which was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.  


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I'm sure that detail is incorrect. It must be a 1.6 engine with 217bhp. Not a 2.0.
Especially more contradiction is the turbo and supercharger, which indicates more that it's not a 2.0.

VW website mentions it's a 2.0 but not a turbo+supercharger.
Myself I think by the end of 2013 the production car will be 217bhp 1.6 TSI.

I thought they outlawed Group B rally cars...Lancia delta S4?

Unfortunately it's just Autoexpress' lack of brand knowledge. The car will definitely use the tried and tested 2.0 TSI engine. That much is sure, as it was written in the official VW press release. However, it will definitely not be super & turbocharged. VW can just use a minor tweak on th 2.0 engine to get required power. The real question should be whether it will use the insanely tuneable Ed30/35/S3/R lump or the more economical chain driven engine from the Mk6 GTI/Scirocco GT etc. hopefully the former, which makes 300bhp reachable very easily. Probably not though. VW won't want this outperforming the Ed35 and Golf R.

So, a Polo to top the GTI. But what about the enormous gap between the 1.2 TSI and the GTI? The Polo is crying out for a "warm" hatch", IMO.