Facelifted Volkswagen Polo GTI gets manual gearbox

Volkswagen Polo GTI facelift
29 Jan, 2014 12:47pm Luke Madden

The all-new Volkswagen Polo GTI will be available with a six-speed manual gearbox

Volkswagen has revealed that the facelifted Polo GTI - arriving next year - will be available with the option of a six-speed manual gearbox. Buyers of the current car are limited to a seven-speed DSG automatic box only.

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VW hasn't revealed images of the updated Polo GTI yet but has announced that its 1.4 TSI engine will get a power boost from 177bhp to 189bhp. Now the Polo range is available with adaptive dampers for the first time, you can expect them to come as standard on the GTI model. Combine that with the new electro-mechanical steering and some subtle tweaks to the chassis and the latest GTI could feel like quite a different car.

The extra power and the new, more fuel-efficient steering will no doubt have an effect on the official figures. Expect to see the 0-62mph drop from 6.9 seconds to a little nearer the 6.5-second time of the latest auto and manual Golf GTIs. Fuel economy will be slightly improved over the current car's 47.9mpg figure.

In line with the rest of the Polo range, the new GTI will get an interior inspired by the latest Golf, including a new steering wheel, new dials and a new infotainment system. This will incorporate something called MirrorLink, which essentially allows you to display apps from your smartphone on the in-car touchscreen.

As well as an updated Polo GTI, Volkswagen is planning to release a 250bhp, four-wheel-drive Polo R. VW wants to help create a link between this road car and its championship-winning Polo WRC car.

We're expecting the Polo GTI to cost from around £19,000 when it arrives next year, with the Polo R model at around £22,000.

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So no doubt the manual will be the same price of the current auto and then they will stick another £1500 to have an auto on this new one.

I still don't think it will trouble sales of the Fiesta even offering a manual and a slight power upgrade or the Clio being an auto rival.

Purists shout and ball about having a manual option but you can guarantee 99% of sales on this will still have the DSG.

Maybe an Ibiza Cupra manual would do better as it is cheaper and aimed more at the 'young'uns' this has always been aimed at the older more grown up clientele.

Current Polo GTi seems about the same size as my old Golf GTi Gen1. Since I'm still the same size (though with an extra inch around the waist) think the Polo might be worth trying out.

It's good to know that someone in Wolfsburg still has a soul, listens to criticism and responds.
A "hot hatch" without a manual gear-shift is nothing more than a fast but soul-less machine.

Its a shame it took VW so long to introduce a manual option but very welcome. With the money saved they have brought in some other welcome improvements too. The adaptive dampers, suspension tweaks and extra power should make this a much more entertaining car when pushed with no loss of comfort in day to day driving.

Should have listen to Punters and used the 6speed box from day one across the VAG range using the 1.4TSI 187 BHP UNIT.
I just hope that VAG have eliminated all the Engine issues experienced by many previous owners within the family.
Engine replacements -short and full.
High Oil consumption.
Have these problems solved before selling units into the UK.
Potential Customers will need too know before spending their cash.
What reassurances are there from VAG??

What is a real shame is the way that the Volkswagen Audo Group treat Customers that have bought 1.4 TSI Twinchargers and found them to be faulty.
The 1.4 TSI Engine in the SEAT from 2009,
and then the othar 3 vRS, A1 185ps and Polo GTI with the CAVE engine and then late 2012 the CTHE revised engine.
Many FaultyQuality Control of parts and manufacturing.
High Oil Users.
Hundreds of Engines now replaced, CAVE and some CTHE.

Yet VAG make no statement, make owners jump through hoops to get Warranty Repairs. Even replacement engines fail.

So VW needto come clean, what went Wrong with the 1.4 TSI Twinchargers 132 kw-136,
Why do you keep saying 0.5 litres of oil in 1000 km is OK,
and when owners go through double that you think a BReather Valve Modification will sort your poor Tolerances and Built engine.

More Power, Manual Gearbox, great,
But come on VW, what about the Lemons you have been Building and Selling.
Give the Owners an Extended Warranty
and Make a Statement on your failures.