Chunky look for new VW Tiguan 2015

12 Nov, 2013 5:26pm Tom Phillips

Exclusive images show bold shape for new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV. Release date: early 2015

The second-generation Volkswagen Tiguan will be launched in early 2015 – seven years after the small crossover first turned a wheel on UK roads. Our exclusive images show how the newcomer could look as it aims to mix the universal appeal of the Golf with the added versatility of an SUV.

As with the latest Golf MkVII, the new Tiguan will be based on VW’s modular MQB architecture. The versatility of this platform will allow the company to increase the model’s length from today’s 4,426mm, and in turn offer more boot space than the current car – which already trumps the Skoda Yeti with a 470-litre capacity.

Volkswagen Tiguan review

The wheelbase will also grow to around 2,700mm, giving extra interior room, particularly in the back. And the new Tiguan will remain one of the most practical cars in its class by continuing with sliding rear seats.

But it will remain a strict five-seater – leaving space for a larger MQB-based SUV, previewed by the VW CrossBlue concept, due in 2016 and with six or seven-seat layouts.

Our exclusive images show that the new Tiguan’s looks will be heavily influenced by the CrossBlue.

Dominating the nose are integrated chrome bars running horizontally right across the headlights and grille. The chunky front bumper shown here will feature on the sporty, road-biased version of the car. However, VW will also offer a Tiguan Escape, without the front protection for better approach angles when off-roading, but with more prominent cladding around the sills and wheelarches.

The MQB platform will allow larger wheels to be fitted – up to 19 inches – but the designers will carry over the characterful, squared-off wheelarches, which will become a signature feature of all new VW SUVs. At the rear are LED tail-lights, a neat, integrated spoiler and, on top-spec R-Line models, twin exhausts.

The Tiguan will retain its high driving position, although the chassis will be tuned to feel as car-like as possible, and will include the option of VW’s DCC adaptive dampers. Also on the menu is a choice of two and four-wheel drive – the latter with the new Haldex 5 system that’s graced the new Skoda Octavia 4x4, VW Golf R and Audi S3.

Volkswagen Golf review

Engine options will be similar to the Golf’s, with 1.2, 1.4 and 2.0-litre TSI petrols, plus 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDI diesels. But efficiency will be improved – stop-start will be offered, the MQB platform will help to reduce the Tiguan’s weight to less than 1,500kg and there’s potential for VW to make its new 10-speed DSG auto available.

A Tiguan BlueMotion is likely, with 80mpg-plus, as is a plug-in hybrid returning over 100mpg. And at the other end of the scale, a hot Tiguan R could be offered, but VW will monitor sales of the Nissan Qashqai Nismo and Audi RS Q3 before deciding if the demand is there.

VW Tiguan 2015 interior

So what will the all-new Tiguan’s interior look like? The CrossBlue concept, seen at January’s Detroit Motor Show, gave a hint.

Volkswagen CrossBlue review

The dash will get a cleaner, sleeker look with a larger central touchscreen than the eight-inch display in the current Golf. This full-colour, tablet-style screen will be used to control the sat-nav and the stereo with new touch and swipe gestures, while the air-con has its own rotary dials.

A top-quality finish should keep the car ahead of rivals like the new Qashqai.

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Ugly again, with a pinch of a Dacia Duster thrown in.

VW's design team seem to have lost it a bit. Where have all the decent looking car designers gone???

It's ugly again. It has a pinch of the Dacia Sandero about it.

Now why is it this site has gone a bit bonkers tonight, it seemingly wouldn't accept the first post so I tried again, now it's done both! Weird!

Ya, ve hef don ze ultimaten wehicle - truly ist exactly like ze potato. Zis ist ein white potato. Also ve worken on ze brown paintwerken wit ze cremen interior. Ve callen zis einen brown potato.

Reminds me that in occupied France the inhabitants called the German Army "les doryphores" (Colorado beetles) because they both lived on potatoes! Current VW styling does suggest the vehicles have been indulging a bit on spuds

Gentlemen, relax. The picture shown here is what AE "supposes" what it "might" look like. It is a shot in the dark, with no real basis. You could do one as well. So much for another AE exclusive :)

Rather the previous one. Do not like this at all!

Quite ugly! Nothing to excite.

So what you're saying is the new Tiguan *could* look like a Dacia. It *could* also look like David Hasselhoff. It won't really though...

Looks TURD! i will buy the Dacia instead (or neither)