Volvo in-car infotainment updated

Volvo Sensus Connect updated aluminium dash
7 Jan, 2014 3:05pm Jonathan Burn

Volvo has updated it's Sensus Connect infotainment system, fitted to all models from May 2014

Volvo has released details of its updated Sensus Connect infotainment and navigation system, which will be an option on all production models from May 2014. The cloud-based service now allows drivers to find and pay for parking via a Park&Pay app, as well as seek out nearby restaurants all without having to leave the comfort of their car.

Further enhancements include being able to stream music direct from the driver’s mobile phone through the car's speakers, plus the addition of 100,000 radio stations through the TuneIn app. The navigation system can now also be used externally through a mobile phone, with drivers able to input destinations and check local surroundings via Wikipedia. Volvo has also integrated app-controlled heating and cooling of the car, too.

The Swedish manufacturer has teamed up with leading brands such as Ericssson, HERE, Yelp and Glympse, which will allow Volvo to maintain its focus on safety and comfort. Any Volvo fitted with the updated system can now be transformed into a WiFi hotspot, allowing passengers to browse the Internet and stream films onto their mobile phone or laptop.

Available on all production models from May this year, owners of the current Sensus Connect infotainment system will also be offered an updated version for their car.