Volvo owners in Sweden can have stuff delivered to their car boot

25 Nov, 2015 9:50am Tom Wiltshire

New tech allows customers to have their Christmas shopping delivered directly to their boot

UK consumers are spending less and less time at the shops around Christmas, instead choosing to fill Santa's sleigh with items bought online. However it's not always possible to have these items easily delivered - and missed deliveries cost the UK economy nearly £1 billion a year. Volvo thinks it has the solution with its In-car Delivery service.

The ground-breaking service has just been launched in Sweden after a trial period last year, and may make its way to the UK if it proves popular there. The service is currently only available to Volvo drivers in Gothenburg, if they're subscribed to the Volvo On Call service.

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The system works by use of a one-time 'virtual key' that's sent to the delivery driver. This allows them access to the boot of the car to drop off the goods. Owners simply order their goods online and select 'In-Car delivery' at the checkout.

The car owner will be informed via their smartphone or tablet when the delivery company wants to drop off or pick up something from the car.

The service only works with a few Swedish retailers at the moment, however Volvo plans to join forces with more companies to offer this new system.

Bjorn Annwall, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Volvo said: "Christmas is fun - but let's be honest, it is also a busy time for most families. This service simply makes shopping easier."

Volvo are keen to develop the 'Smart key' technology further, but point out they subscribe to Nordic utility - meaning they will only introduce a technology if it saves lives, saves time, or benefits drivers.

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