Volvo develops inflatable child seat concept

14 Apr, 2014 3:43pm Jordan Bishop

Volvo has developed a new inflatable child seat concept designed to offer safety and practicality using lightweight technology

Child car seats usually mange to be both bulky and fiddly – hard enough to deal with in your own car, but an absolute nightmare to carry and fit when travelling abroad or on public transport.

Now though, Volvo looks set to make life easier for parents everywhere with an inflatable, rearward-facing child seat concept.

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Using lightweight technology, designer Lawrence Abele and his team have created the seat, which they claim is “safe, easy to pack and carry”, and more practical than traditional equipment. 

The seat itself is made from drop-stitch fabric, a very strong material originally developed by the military and usually used in the boating industry.

An integrated pump system will inflate this in less than 40 seconds, with the seat weighing under five kilograms when fully expanded – about half that of a typical child’s seat. 

As well as folding away when not in use, the seat can also be inflated remotely, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity used to control a wide range of features. 

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According to Volvo, the concept presents a range of new opportunities, such as for “grandparents or friends who take care of your kids and need an ultra mobile child seat.”

“It is also very convenient when travelling by taxi, rental car or bus, situations where you historically had to rely on the safety measures available.”