Volvo V40 Cross Country

27 Sep, 2012 9:30am Richard Ingram

Volvo has unveiled its new V40 Cross Country, which gets a higher ride and bigger wheels

The new Volvo V40 Cross Country has taken centre stage at the Paris Motor Show. Based on the V40 hatch, the Cross Country gets a 40mm increase in ground clearance, larger alloy wheels and chunkier bumpers.

Changes to the cabin are minimal, with an exclusive copper interior colour the only difference between the new car and the rest of the V40 range.

The flagship T5 is the only model to get four-wheel drive. It will be powered by a 250bhp 2.5-litre five-cylinder petrol engine and comes with a six-speed automatic gearbox only. The rest of the regular V40 engine range is available with front-wheel drive, confirming the model's place as a crossover, rather than a mud-plugging SUV.

The most efficient engine will be the 113bhp D2 diesel, which claims 74.3mpg and emits 99g/km of CO2. Two more powerful diesels, with 148bhp or 175bhp; and a 177bhp 1.6-litre petrol, will also be offered.

Prices are expected to start at around £19,500 when the car arrives next January.

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why only the high-powered petrol in AWD? surely a diesel AWD would be much more attractive to UK buyers?

The price cannot be correct. Surely the CC version will cost more than the standard V40 rather than less!

Yep, it is going to cost more! It seems that the range is going to start at around £21,500 rather than the £19,500 stated.

I think there are a few inaccuracies with this article, as I understand it the T5 will be powered by a 2.0 four cylinder petrol turbo (Fords ecoboost as seen in the Focus ST) not a 2.5 five pot, and it will be called the XC40, not the Volvo V40 Cross Country (the same way the XC 60,70 and 90 are).

Plus it's 240BHP instead of 250 in the T5. But it's a little early to start correcting since this information has only just surfaced, and the fact that Volvo's website calls it the V40 Cross Country.

@shaun34, it is in fact the 2.5 5 cylinder that is going in the V40. It is not the 240bhp Ecoboost that is available in bigger models.

Volvo are ditching all engines with more than 4 cylinders, it is highly unlikely they will be launching a brand new model with a 2.5 five cylinder, especially as that engine has been discontinued in every other Volvo in the UK. Even the replacement for the XC90 is only going to feature 4 cylinder engines.

The engine on the T5 will depend on the market. in SA we will receive the 250BHP 2.5l 5 cylinder engine with the Torque overboost to 400Nm. Also, the name is correct as a V40 XC as there will be an additional XC40 at a later stage.

Listen, I'm just going by what's in the car. I don't blame you for presuming it's a 240bhp Ecoboost that's being used, as you would think it would be the case going by recent developments. The petrol five cylinder has however had a reprieve in the V40 T5 model.

I totally agree. It seems silly. This car will probably attract caravanners etc, most of whom won't look twice at a thirsty 5 cylinder petrol, that will struggle to do more than 25mpg. It just won't sell in the UK with the market as it is.

However, as a crossover - wow. I think it looks even better than than the standard car. To my eyes it looks like a sleeker, coupe-esque XC90 edition - or an EVEN nicer XC60 replacement.