Volvo facelifts six models

6 Mar, 2013 3:55pm

The Volvo S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 have been facelifted, and the revised line-up has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show

Volvo has unveiled six facelifted models at the Geneva Motor Show as part of a near range-wide update of the company’s line-up.

Only the new V40 and ageing XC90, which is due to be replaced in late 2014, have been left unchanged.

New-look XC60

The XC60 has received the most significant revisions, with a new front end designed to give a wider, more confident look.

There’s a new bonnet with redesigned headlamps, while the new grille has its horizontal louvres finished in chrome. The previous model’s black cladding is now finished in the same colour as the rest of the body. Corner Traction Control is now standard on all models.

Revisions for S60 and V60

The wider, bolder styling theme has also been applied to the S60 saloon and V60 estate. Both get new headlamps with daytime running lights and a wider grille, new front and rear bumpers, plus new LED lights at the rear.

The Lower Sport Chassis, previously exclusive to the R-Design, is an option on all versions of the S60 and V60 for the first time.

Tweaks for larger V70, XC70 and S80

The V70, XC70 and flagship S80 saloon feature a number of detail changes. The washer nozzles are removed from the bonnet, the front grille radar is painted black, and there are chrome grille surrounds with a larger Volvo badge.

Interior updates across the line-up

Cabin updates for all models include some improved materials and the addition of the V40’s full-colour digital instrument cluster.

Models with an automatic gearbox can be equipped with shift paddles on the steering wheel for the first time, too, so long as the optional three-spoke steering wheel is specified.

A seven-inch touchscreen offers Internet access with voice commands for music app Spotify, as well as 3D navigation. Fuel consumption has been improved across the range as well, with the most efficient S60 saloon now said to be capable of 71mpg.

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S80 is a looker. Surprised there aren't more about.

Very outdated model range, the facelifts are modest, a failed opportunity for Volvo. The facelifts will not bring more customers to the Volvo dealership, a pitty.

The styling has become extremely dull and bland. Volvo management must do much better otherwise they will follow Saab within a couple of years.
Sales in the USA are not good and the S80 is the slowest selling big Volvo ever, a complete marketing failure, way behind the competition.
Where are the days with the distinctive 760 GLE the nice Bertone 780 Coupe and the iconic 240 model series..... .

I like the Facelifted Volvo Range

Volvos are mind numbingly boring cars, driven by equally mind numbingly boring people.

Contrary to popular belief Volvo sales are stronger than JLR's, the XC60 is selling as well as the Evoque, its just that they are not making a big song and dance about it. They have a brand new scaleable platform on the horizon and a brand new range of both petrol and diesel engines, new manual and a new 8 speed autos are imminent, Volvo are not destined to go the same way as Saab, when their motorsports partnership with Polestar expands to production models, they will take a few manufacturers by surprise, you only have to look at the glowing reviews of the Polestar C30 and S60 to realise they mean business, and the one thing in their favour, they are not German.

So pray tell what do you drive?

I'm really surprised the XC90 hasn't had a facelift or is this model being replaced? (could do with a more effiecent engine too)

I expect to see a lot of Volvos sold before the new gurning grille models get to Britain. The existing prominent prow design is just about in proportion, but they seem to have gone over the top with the new design. Being Volvo, I'm sure there's some extra safety benefits in the changes, but for me they've made a distinctive range of cars distinctively uglier.

I'm a cyclist :)

Says it all really!! :)

I'm sorry but whenever I see I a pre facelifted S/V60 R Design go past on the motorway I tend to think pretty stylish to be honest but sadly the facelifted new front end looks bland now.

What a fud. Alas, if he is looking at a car site he must be thinking about giving up is bike. Horah to that...

shame they've toned down the front of the S60, always thought it was a bit of a looker

Volvo are struggling. Sales down significantly in most key markets in 2012, production cut, 1,100 redundancies in Sweden in December and 1,100 more to follow in March. They have been on a more or less continual downwards trend since since 2004/5, and I suspect that this is partly due to overpricing and a weak lower end of the range. A "B" segment car and C30 replacement are both needed, but Volvo will not oblige.

Shame about the s60 ,it looked better before the facelift,I always thought that the LED strips actually helped to distinguish the new models from the older ones
And why in the world didn't they at least facelift the XC90 considering that it needed a facelift the most?(it was released over 10 years ago)(Maybe the new model is really coming out by this year,otherwise they should updated it)

Pointless facelift

XC60's go like stink in Poland. You see them everywhere, especially D5's. There is no pollution tax here, so you just have to compute what's most feasible for you. T6? Eeer... not. D5 has got 420 Newts + 215 bhp. And... in Poland you have to overtake a lot on single lane roads.