Prorack Whispbar roof bars

17 Jul, 2009 11:37am

Price: £169.95

Drivers wanting to keep roof bars on their car without the wind noise they usually create now have a new option. And it claims to be even quieter than current aero designs. 

The slender Prorack is fitted with wind tunnel-developed Whispbar spars. According to the New Zealand-based maker, these are not only quiet but can be left in place without seriously affecting your vehicle’s fuel economy. 

Two designs are available. The Whispbar either finishes flush with the mount to give an ‘original equipment’ look, or you can have a crossbar that pokes through for maximum load carrying. A variety of roof shapes can be accommodated and, if you want to use the kit on a different vehicle, all you have to do is swap the feet of the bars. All fixings are covered including roof rails, T-tracks and Fixpoints. The usual accessories can be used, too, as the newcomers are the same width as most aero bars. 

The range is expanding all the time as stock arrives in the UK – check the website to see if your car is listed yet.


 * Maker’s claim: “The aluminium wing-shaped Whispbar blade removes nearly all the irritating whistle from the cross bar.”