Pirelli tyres mini test

18 Jul, 2012 3:23pm Jamie Fretwell

We test the three new tyre ranges from Pirelli to find out which is best

Pirelli has launched three new tyre ranges, and now claims it has a tyre to suit every need. Its Trofeo R is a road-legal pattern for track days, while the Cinturato P7 Blue is an efficient tyre which scored the maximum rating in the European Tyre labelling test for wet braking and rolling resistance. Lastly, the P Zero Silver is the first road tyre developed from Pirelli’s involvement in Formula One.

Performance is crucial to all three tyres, so we tested them on a track, assessing three criteria – wet grip, dry handling and comfort. Price wasn’t crucial, as it varies widely depending on size, and you can undercut the RRP by visiting an online retailer like Lovetyres.co.uk.

Our pick is the Cinturato P7 Blue. It will appeal to most motorists with its eco credentials and decent performance. The Trofeo R is great at dry handling – but the P Zero Silver is almost as competent, yet will last longer and perform better in the wet.

Our favourite

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue
Price: From £115 (235/45R17) 
The Cinturato P7 Blue is the first tyre to score the top AA rating for wet braking and rolling resistance in the new EU Tyre Label tests. It has the same tread pattern as the standard Cinturato P7 performance tyre, but is 10 per cent lighter. This means the newcomer has 23 per cent better rolling resistance compared to a ‘C’ rated tyre, which translates to a five per cent fuel saving. Yet because it borrows so much from the Cinturato P7, it’s a well-rounded performer, impressing in the wet and dry.

Top end

Pirelli P Zero Silver
Price: From £192 (225/35R19)  
The P Zero Silver is the first tyre to use elements of Pirelli’s involvement in F1. It uses the same modelling process as GP tyres and offers lots of durability for performance cars. It’s a rival to the Continental ContiSportContact 5 and Michelin Pilot Sport 2, and handled impressively around a dry race track. But it’s only available for 19-20-inch rims, and wasn’t as comfortable or quiet as the Cinturato P7 Blue.

For track use 

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R
Price: From £198 (235/40ZR18XL)
P Zero Trofeo R is a rival to the Dunlop Sportmaxx RT, available in 19 sizes for 18-20-inch wheels. It’s a development of the track-focused Trofeo, but Pirelli has sacrificed some wet handling to improve the R’s dry performance. It has a wide outer shoulder making it quick into turns, but the difference isn’t as noticeable compared to the cheaper P Zero Silver – which has more grooves to shift water. The Trofeo R is best for use on a dry race track, but we prefer the P Zero Silver as an all-rounder.
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