Screwdriver reviews: toolbox essentials

Screwdriver test
30 Jul, 2014 2:00pm Kim Adams

We pick the best screwdrivers for DIY enthusiasts, with reviews of the top screwdriver sets

Screwdrivers are toolbox essentials, and you won’t get far with DIY home and car maintenance without either one of them. The best way to buy is in sets. 

Screwdriver sets often have a lot of variety, with the makers going their own way on size and choice.

It’s worth checking the screws on your car to see what you need if going for one of the smaller sets.

Here we pick the top screwdriver choices to make DIY servicing easy and cost-effective.

How we tested them

Comfort was vital in our test, as it’s key to applying force. The head of the screwdriver could be brilliant, but without the correct handle it might be impossible to use the tool effectively. As the sets are varied with what comes included in the price, we looked for slotted, Philips and Pozidriv fasteners to be included. 

Points were also given for colour coding, making it easy to grab the right tool when you need it, and magnetic tips - these help to prevent dropping the screw and make it easier to do things with one hand when required. Finally, we factored in prices gathered from online sources. 


Draper hangs on to its screwdriver crown with its 20 Piece set taking a clear victory:

1. Draper 20 Piece Screwdriver Set
2. Halfords Advanced Professional Screwdriver Set