Alfa Romeo confirms eight new models by 2018

Alfa Romeo 4C
6 May, 2014 5:31pm Oliver Kew

Rear-drive chassis, two new SUVs and a hotter 4C to revitalise Alfa Romeo by 2018, boss promises

Alfa Romeo will unveil eight new models between now and 2018 as the Italian carmaker completely restructures its line-up – and sets its sights firmly on Germany’s main premium manufacturers.

Rear-wheel drive and BMW-like 50:50 weight-distribution will return to the Alfa Romeo range, in cars like the new Giulia sports saloon (due in late 2015) and a future executive saloon due to battle the Mercedes E Class and Jaguar XF from 2016.

Alfa’s plans also include two new compact family cars (one expected to be an estate) from 2016 to replace the current Giulietta, and two new SUV models. There will be no replacement for the Fiat Punto-based MiTo supermini – Fiat’s new range of small cars will fill the gap instead.

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The most exciting news for Alfa enthusiasts is the promise of a development of the 4C, to be included in the Cloverleaf performance car family. It’ll be unveiled in late 2015, with Alfa Romeo promising that as far as the 4C goes: ‘the best is yet to come’.

The new Alfas, powered by a new range of technologically advanced petrol and diesel engines, will be built in Italy, Alfa Romeo has announced.

An explosion of eight new Alfa Romeo models is aimed at rocketing sales from 74,000 units today to 400,000 annually in just five years. The Fiat-Chrysler group as a whole stands on the brink of a massive product offensive, with Jeep, Fiat, Chrysler and Maserati all promising monster growth before the end of the decade.

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The ambitious comeback follows three years of stagnation for the Alfa Romeo line-up, in which it has offered only the Giulietta and Mito hatchbacks, while the Giulia saloon has been beset by styling rethinks and engineering setbacks before the final decision to go after the BMW 3 Series with rear-drive and proper driver-focused dynamics.

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No replacement for the Mito? Alfa must be barking mad. Might not be a true Alfa but from a business point of view it seemed to sell well and seems quite a simple car to build given easy access to Fiat platforms. Wouldn't be surprised if Alfa hit quite serious financial issues following this line up change.

An Alfa Romeo 4x4? Alfa are really going to have to shake their reputation for unreliability before anyone is going to buy one of those (or perhaps have a pair of wellies built into the door).

The new Alfa estate is something to look forward to though.

If Fiat is planning to pitch Alfa directly against premium German marques they will be playing way out of their league. The Mito found its niche alongside mainstream and upmarket rivals and sold quite well for an Alfa. I cannot see this new plan working as a long-term strategy.

I disagree Alfa Romeo was always a premium marque, look at past models like: GTV6, Giuletta, 75, 164, 155 all were a match for any rival BMW. Also remember Alfa Romeo invented the first compact sports 4 door saloon (1955) years before BMW and Audi! Alfa Romeo I think are one of the very few marques which can compete with the pedigree, prestige of BMW. If we're being honest, Audi, Lexus and even Jaguar have never quite cut it at the 3 series benchmark, while Alfa Romeo has with the 155 (revamp) and the 156.

It's not like there's a lack of 4x4 expertise within the group. I'm pretty sure Alfa won't go away and create all these models from scratch without talking to the likes of Jeep.

Historically Alfa was a premium marque, but not any more. Poor management and lack of investment by Fiat over many years has resulted in serious decline. Once brand kudos and a reputation for innovation and quality have been lost it is very difficult to make up lost ground. If a successful firm like VW was in control Alfa might stand a chance. I am not convinced that Fiat can make this work, particularly when the established competition is so strong.

the current alfa line up does nothing for me, the 4c looks great loved the days of the 164, 33.