Aston Martin gets £150m investment package

Aston Martin DB9 Volante
7 Dec, 2012 11:08am Steve Fowler

£150m funding will allow Aston to compete with Porsche and Bentley

The future of Aston Martin looks more assured thanks to an injection of £150million from European investment group Investindustrial.

After weeks of rumour, Aston Martin has confirmed that London-based Investindustrial (which was recently part of the group that sold bike manufacturer Ducati to Audi) will take a 37.5 per cent stake in the company – the remaining 62.5 per cent is held by Kuwaiti investors, led by The Investment Dar.

Aston chairman David Richards said: "Investindustrial’s new investment reflects and sustains the unique position of Aston Martin within the industry. With this partnership and the continued commitment of The Investment Dar, we look forward to working with our shareholders as we realise our vision and exciting future plans."

The deal will enable Aston to plough half a billion pounds into the development of much-needed new models – recent figures have shown a drop in sales by 20 per cent.

Aston has recently launched the new Vanquish and revised DB9, while a new Rapide is expected to arrive in the early part of next year and a Vanquish Volante also expected before the end of 2013.

However, the extra funds are expected to be used to further develop the company’s VH platform architecture, as well as a new range of more efficient, smaller capacity engines that will better enable the British brand to compete with the likes of Porsche and Bentley.

Meanwhile, company insiders have hinted that development of a new Lagonda model – as previewed by an SUV concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 – is continuing, although we don’t expect to see a new Aston Martin Lagonda before 2015.

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Great news to hear that AM can continue with this group rather than having to work with a tractor company...

Where do you think the initials DB come from that are used by Aston for their cars?
Hint: DB are the initials of David Brown, tractor manufacturer!!!

This is fantastic news, I love the Aston Martin brand and it more then fully deserves good investment. It has come a very long way over recent years, having the confidence to make a million dollar car proved that, if I won the Lotto I'd be straight down the dealership putting a new Vanquish order in :)

The is great better then going to asians films.

-- as well as a new range of more efficient, smaller capacity engines that will better enable the British brand to compete with the likes of Porsche andBentley.--

lol, what ford ecoboost?? hahah

I dont know whether to wish them luck or not. Mostly because I'm having the hardest struggle to understand where they are going. The company used to be called AML, as in Aston Martin Lagonda. If the company is about to take the most backward retrograde step ever, and get into bed with that terrible German taxi maker, simply give them the business, and shut the door at Gaydon. If this investment allows the company to further invest in the VH platform why the hell are they scratching around for architecture for a big saloon, when they already make the Rapide? Doesnt make sense. Is the Rapide about to be canned?? Or do AML need two very big heavy saloons competing against each other? To resurrect the Lagonda name, simply to stick it on another completely pointless grossly overweight brick is bastardisation at its worst. David Brown would be doing a 'watch me disintegrate as I spin in my grave'. David Brown may have made tractors, but Lagonda NEVER made pointless environmentally reckless 4WD 'bulldozers', and dont need to be now. Sadly we are on the verge of seeing another luxury ex-British car maker be swept up in a 'profits at any cost' gouge, and produce an irrelevant brick. Shame Bentley and your parent. Of course AML will be looking at smaller more efficient engines, or they'll be C.A.F.E.'d out of business by the EU. Hint....another famous British marque has just launched a state of the art engine - 4 litres, [or is it 3.8??], two turbo's, plonked in an aspirationally 'world's best supercar', called McLaren. Curiously, I've yet to read where AML set the world on fire with the Cygnet. is that dead in the water? Hope so. Umm, AML make high end bespoke very fast luxury GT's. Porsche make.....err, the same old physics-defying sport cars, pointless irresponsible 'bricks', and a not so successful take on a luxury 4 door. If they were both 'apples' maybe, but its chalk and cheese.