New 46mph toy Aston Martin on sale for £16.5k

31 Jan, 2014 11:40am Michael White

The DB Convertible Junior would be the Rolls-Royce of toy cars, if it wasn't an Aston Martin

As toy cars go, this one hails very much from the top end of the market. It’s a child-size Aston Martin convertible based on the successful DB models of the 1960s and it’s being offered for £16,500.

The car is known as the ‘DB Convertible Junior’ and aimed at children aged 10 and above. You can get one from West London Aston Martin Heritage Dealer, Nicholas Mee & Co, which specialises in the maintenance and restoration of classic Astons.

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The miniature Volante features a fully-working petrol engine, hydraulic disc brakes, wood-rimmed steering wheel, leather or vinyl seats and composite coachwork familiar to fans of full size classic DB cars like the DB3, DB4, DB5 and DB6.

The DB Junior, measuring 2500mm x 1030mm, is powered by a 110cc, four-stroke petrol engine with key-operated electric start. Like many of its grown-up relations, it has Brembo disc brakes and a semi-automatic (3-speed) gearbox.

The top speed – which can be restricted downwards  – is 46mph and the composite bodywork sits on a sturdy steel box-section chassis. The driver will have full use of indicators and even lights.

Nicholas Mee, Managing Director of the company selling the DB Junior, explained why they’ve entered the toy car market.

"When we first saw the DB Junior we couldn’t stop smiling. We then realised that these scaled-down 1960s convertibles would complement full-sized offerings here in our showrooms.

‘”What's more, we regularly have enquiries from our clients looking for something unusual and different to add to their collection of classics. You'd be surprised how well the DB Junior is engineered, and how much room there is in the cockpit. It’s big enough for an adult and the pedals can be adjusted so that the DB Junior will fit a wide range of drivers. Let’s say ‘junior drivers of all ages’."

Nicholas Mee & Co. expect there to be a strong demand from their well-heeled clientele for this idiosyncratic new model. Versions are available for demonstration and immediate delivery. Alternatively, you could spend your £16.5k on a full-size 1.0-litre Ecoboost Ford Focus Edge. 

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