New Aston Martin revealed

26 May, 2012 1:00pm Sam Hardy

New Aston Martin supercar concept revealed at Villa D’Este in Italy

The wraps are off the new Aston Martin supercar. This one-off concept was revealed at the Villa D’Este Concours d’Elegance event on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, and it shows how the DBS replacement will look.

Entered in the Concorso d’Eleganza Design Award, the show car is basically the new production model with more glitzy wheels, bright red paint and a pronounced front splitter.

The rest of the shape takes cues from the £1.25 million One-77 hypercar, with dramatic curves in the bodywork and pronounced rear haunches, while a rear spoiler that allows air to flow underneath has been added.

The new car hasn't been named yet - it's known internally as the AM310 – but could be badged Vanguard or Vanquish. Power comes from an uprated version of Aston’s 6.0-litre V12, while under the skin is the same VH platform as the current DB9 and DBS, albeit with revised suspension.

Aston Martin celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2013, but this new model will go on sale before then, priced at around £190,000.

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It look like a half on the DB7 & Half of the V8 Vantage.

It looks like a Hyunadai Coupe now.

After the Virage, i got sick of Aston Martin design. They look to similar, share the same platform in most parts engine and all almost compete with one another with just price being the difference.

Aston Martin need to seriously consider a different design language for each model because they are now looking old in the face of more modern rivals.

As for the AM310 concept. That front black splitter looks like an after market body kit fitted to the Virage. Not impressed.

Personally I think it looks great!!!

The AM310 driving down a road is going to turn as many heads as the DB9 did when it launched, why? Because a classic design looks good forever!

Aston has pulled it off again. No production car since the DB9 (,with the one-77 exempt,) has looked so good. Aston hasn't done a good job for a bit either, with the lackluster cygnet and dreadful Lagonda concept. The biggest worry i have is the front end: is it too 'evolutionary' with that same front basically except from the vulgar splitter, with the same for the Virage. Supercars need to revolutionise the market not evolve; look at the 458 for example. The rest of the car though is stunning, I hope it's in Skyfall...

Aston Martin is about elegant GT car. fair enough its a concept but those lights look like they're from a virage, those alloys look like they are from Halfords. and i agree the front bumper looks aftermarket. The best looking Aston i;ve seen are the DB9 and Vanquish. DB9 was clean and simple to the eyes and Vanquish was a stylish curved looking car. it seems they are just wasting time by coming out with a repetitive designs to buy time while they think of how to improve an already great looking car.

Wish I could buy one!

The wheels are too lamborghini-ish.
not really Aston style.

Not a patch on the current DBS! the rear end is far too fussy, To be honest they have an impossible task to replace what is one of the most gorgeous cars ever made

The problem with this car and most other Astons, is that to the average punter, you would never guess this is a brand new car, its just another Aston, and thats where complacency sets in, buyers in this market want people to know they are in the latest model, but unless you are a complete geek, you never would.

'orrible. Just a pimped up mess. Idiotic