15. Audi A4: Not my style

19 Dec, 2012 10:08am

The ad

The star here is a cocky yuppie. He is shown test-driving an A4, interspersed with shots of him playing squash and barking orders on a trading floor. But he spends most of the ad talking about his ‘me-first’ philosophy, boasting about his success. “Yeah, the right car is important to me,” he says. “It does impress people.” Back at the Audi dealer, the salesman asks what he thinks. “Nah,” says the yuppie. “It’s not really my style. Know what I mean?” The punch line reads: “The new 20-valve Audi A4. It won’t be appreciated by everyone.”

The expert view

“The comedy timing is everything. We thought it was Audi being brave, but it’s showing that the non-BMW choice is a smart choice. And it laughs at yuppies – always a good gag.”