Audi S1 spied

20 Jun, 2012 12:07pm Jack Rix

Hot four-wheel-drive version of the Audi A1 has been spotted high-speed testing at the Nurburgring

These are the spy shots that prove the wild 252bhp Aud A1 quattro was just the beginning - another hot four-wheel drive Audi A1, badged the S1, is on the way. Spotted high-speed testing at the Nurburgring in Germany, this prototype gives away its identity via the four exhaust pipes poking out at the rear, unlike the limited-run A1 quattro which made do with just two.

Developing a four-wheel drive system for the A1 quattro was an expensive process for Audi, so it was always likely that further four-wheel drive A1s would emerge - hence the arrival of the S1. Power will come from the same 2.0 TFSI turbocharged engine as the A1 quattro, but detuned to around 220bhp - making this more affordable than the already-sold-out £40,000 A1 quattro.

The strage contraptions you can see strapped to the four corners are sensors designed to measure various speed and suspension parameters at each wheel. Expect the production car to feature optional 18-inch wheels, silver wing mirrors and a more aggressive bodykit.

Bigger brakes, firmer suspension settings and a four-wheel drive system - that under normal conditions sends power to the front wheels, but if they lose traction, can send up to 100 per cent of engine power to the rear - should ensure the S1 is hugely capable on the road.

Expect prices for the S1 to start from around £25,000 when sales begin in 2013.


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This is all very well and good, but I thought Audi was meant to be a luxury brand, not performance? They seem to be dishing out S' and RS' like there's no tomorrow!

audi is a luxury/premium brand ask your self how often do you see them going quickly. yes on occasion but mostly you see them cruzing along. but the s and rs models are not only the most powerful but the most extravagant, personally if i want a car with the highest of quality of interiors and specification i would be expecting lots of power and performance.
the two go hand in hand, one would not question the fact that a rolls royce phantom has a v12 with 450 break.

however this baby audi s1 will contradict slightly to how we see performance audis on the road i expect this little puppy to be blasted lol

Dont worry dudes, few years later, the Audi RS1 will come, and its going to based on Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro. And it will have over 300 hp, maybe more.

Expect prices for the S1 to start from around £25,000 when sales begin in 2013....

£25,000 meaning nearer £30,000....

There's no way that you'll be able to buy one for £25K, the staring price maybe, by the time paint, Stereo, wheels, leather etc have been added, it'll be over £30k

The ride will be rock hard. Driving it round The 'Ring doesn't make a great road car....

James May was right......

I would wait for an RS1 as I don't like being in a model of a car knowing it's not the fastest version of it. I don't mind other kinds of car beating me, but not the same type.
But if the S1 has the 2.0 engine it would be strange for the RS1 to have the same engine even if higher tune. So maybe it would be a detuned 2.5 from the RS3 with 300bhp.
I was expecting the S1 to have a 1.6 with 210bhp, which for me would have been more fun than a 2.0 with 220bhp, as it would be lighter. The new RS Clio has chosen the better path (although only fwd).
Maybe the 2.0 car being tested is the RS1??? That would make more sense.


I think, the RS1 will have same engine, what RS3 and the TT-RS use, 2.5 liter engine. Because it going to based Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro.