BMW i3 to get wireless charging

9 Jul, 2014 10:57am Jonathan Burn

BMW is currently developing inductive charging technology to be used on the i3 and i8

BMW is adding to the growing appeal of electric motoring with plans to develop wireless charging for its electric and plug-in hybrid models. Current models from BMW which will benefit from such technology include the i3 and i8, as well as the forthcoming plug-in X5 set to be introduced later this year.

The inductive charging technology is currently being co-developed alongside Daimler. The system is made up of two components, a recharging coil in the floor of the car and a floor-mounted base plate fitted with another coil. In theory, the driver simply parks the car so that the two coils are positioned directly above one another and electric energy is transmitted via the magnetic field which is then generated.

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BMW claims the efficiency of the system stands at 90 per cent, with a full charge taking less than three hours. Currently, a full charge from a standard power outlet takes between seven to eight hours. The inductive charging system can also be used regardless of weather conditions, too.

Plans to integrate the system with a smartphone in the future will allow owners to check on battery charge and see how long remains until charging is complete. Toyota is another manufacturer also currently developing wireless charging technology.

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