Production fuel-cell BMW by 2020

BMW i3 hatchback 2013 main front tracking
11 Jun, 2015 4:34pm Michael Taylor

BMW confirms it will build a mass-production fuel-cell car by 2020, likely under the ‘i’ brand

Sources at BMW have confirmed it is working to deliver its first production hydrogen fuel-cell powered electric car in 2020.

While BMW is tight-lipped about which model would gain the fuel-cell technology first, suspicions naturally fall on its i brand, and the timing would be in line with the scheduled production cycle for the second generation of the i3.

BMW has a technical and engineering alliance with Toyota to develop production fuel-cell technology though, unlike Toyota, it isn’t under any direct pressure to deliver production cars immediately.

“We will still be developing the technologies and doing everything else behind the scenes, but we will pass on the chance to do a production car from the first generation of the development,” a senior BMW source told us.

“We are betting on the second generation of the technology being right for production, so our target is 2020.”

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