Legend Returns As 2CV Is Reborn

5 Jul, 2005 3:46pm Chris Thorp

Here's proof that car design sometimes moves at a snail's pace. These official images reveal the modern day version of Citroen's famous 2CV - and it looks every bit as striking as its famous predecessor from the Forties.

Retaining the original's snail-shell shape, the all-new design is instantly recognisable. However, just like the new MINI, this time round the 2CV will be aimed at the premium end of the market rather than budget buyers.

Called the Evoqué, the concept has a slab-sided appearance reminiscent of the basic flat panels of the 1948 machine. The windows fit flush with the doors to enhance this effect, while designers were so keen to keep the shape as simple as possible, they haven't even fitted any door handles. Instead, the driver has to use a remote keycard to enter.

The modern alloys also have a look that's similar to the steel wheels which were fitted to the original. The concept is 4,260mm long, 1,770mm wide and 1,460mm tall, making it slightly smaller than a Ford Focus. It's made from light- weight materials to ensure a nimble and involving drive. Inside, there is enough space to seat four adults in comfort thanks to the slimline chairs.

The Evoqué has been produced by a group of budding designers from the Creapole School of Creation in Paris, and was entered into this year's World Automotive Design Competition in Canada. The brief was to come up with a 'world car with universal appeal',

and the 2CV was the obvious choice for the French team's entry. Developed by students Guillaume Daniel, Julien Lébley and Richard Pedron, the Evoqué has already caught the eye of senior design bosses at Citroen.

The stylists name Volkswagen's Golf and Beetle, plus the Audi A3, as the Evoqué's main challengers. Obvious parallels can also be drawn with BMW's MINI, which was based on a budget classic, but developed into a premium hatchback. Entering this market would break new ground for Citroen.