Vote for your favourite car of the past 25 years

24 Jul, 2013 12:52pm

Choose your favourite car from the past 25 years to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Auto Express.

Do you prefer the original Mini to the McLaren F1? Or does the Toyota Prius impress you more than the Porsche 911? Whatever your preference we need your help to choose the best car of the last 25 years.

Auto Express is celebrating its 25th birthday in 2013, and to mark the occasion we’re launching a very special poll. Tell us your favourite model to be launched since 1988, and the top 50 will be published online and the the magazine later in the year. To vote, simply follow the link below and choose one from our shortlist of 100 cars.

Click here to vote

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Dear Auto Express, The results of the No 1 car vote are meaningless without the 911 as an option of choice

The Prius gets my vote! (yeah right) I'm taking bets on Paul Hitchcock voting for the DS3 anyone else want to join in??

Not voting for anything. It's an absolutely fatuousexercise like "vote for your all time best cricket/football/tiddlywinks team"

Lol, I am surprised!